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Job titleProduction Engineer (Senior)
Job typeAuto Innovation
Salary GBP Yearly
LocationUK Central
Bonus PackageBonus + Additional Benefits
Job description

We are currently supporting a Tier 1 supplier focussed on the development and production of high value, lower volume rubber/polymer-based products for a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical and defence markets globally. Backed by a major rubber manufacturer, this role will play a key part in further growth of the organisation and with this part of the business expecting to grow the most.

The role

As an integral part of the Engineering Team this person would be responsible for delivering process excellence.

As a Production Engineer you'll design processes, material and workspace layouts to ensure fast and efficient production and make adjustments on these based on feedback. You'll also also keeps company management informed and up to date on the status of the design process and meet internal and external customer requirements in a time frame agreed by the management team.

You'll also be responsible for estimating the cost of production and coming up with cost-saving methods. If there are any changes in the design and/or method of the product manufacture, you'll determine the effect of this on production cost and present it to management for review and implementation and ensure appropriate systems are updated. You will develop and implement efficient manufacturing methods based on the firm’s budget allocation, always trying to strike the right balance between quality and cost.

Being able to self-manage and progress projects in accordance with the DMAIC and NPI Structure to deliver implemented products and improvements is key to this role. You'll be the custodial of the manufacturing method and must interact with development, sales, planning and quality; production staff to provide effective communication of changes and aim for problem free introduction. In initial stages you'll also have responsibility for product integrity until the point where the quality department can assume this responsibility.

A production engineer’s duties can involve administrative roles such as assigning junior staff duties and tasks. You'll be responsible for growing other staff by sharing their knowledge and experience. Through project leadership you'll broaden other employee’s business exposure.

Key responsibilites

  • The Health and Safety of employees is of prime concern to the business.  Production Engineers have perhaps the most influence upon risk mitigation in new processes and revised existing processes. Must report all concerns in a timely manner with the current reporting systems.
  • Represent the Production Engineering Department at customer / product development NPI meetings and ensuring effective implementation of design practices to meet customer needs.
  • Establishing productive working relationships with Sales, Production, Development, Quality & HSE teams.
  • Planning and coordinating various procedures, methods, systems, work instructions, risk assessment, FMEAs to ensure product integrity and conformance.
  • Work with Quality to develop process controls against key metrics. Provide Production and Quality with indicators to action out of control conditions.
  • TAKT time/Cycle time/Time studies to accurately understand process capability, cost and lead time.
  • Ensuring that strong and efficient teamwork culture exists within the Production Engineering team.
  • Provide Management with succinct accurate information to make informed decisions.
  • Implementing project schedules and plans in a timely effective manner.
  • Take initiative – if one sees a defect or a process non-conformance – address this through existing processes such as 8D, action items, work request etc.
  • Identifying risk mitigation actions and risks.
  • Provide training when required on systems such as AutoCAD and AX (within the realms of production engineering)
  • Meet management targets set to ensure the timely completion of Engineering Changes
  • Maintain Auditable systems and procedures within the department.

Environmental, Health & Safety Accountabilities

  • Learn and follow EHS policies, rules and work instructions.
  • Attend required EHS training.
  • Take personal responsibility for keeping yourself and your co-workers free from injury.
  • Keep equipment in proper working condition.

The requirements

  • 2-8 years’ experience working within a production engineering role
  • Experience with 3D design software such as AutoCAD Inventor, solid works, Pro E, etc
  • Evidence and involvement in machine integrations within a manufacturing environment
  • Degree/HNC qualified with one- or two-years' experience in manufacturing environment
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

Important information

Reference number: 8218

FMC contact for this role:

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