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Job titleProduct Analyst
Job typeSmart Industry
Salary150,000 - 160,000 USD
LocationNorth America
Bonus Package
Job description

Building on their incredible successes of 2021, our client is entering its second major growth phase and is looking for its first Product Analyst to join its expanding team. This role will help to seed, grow, and define the long-term strategy of product analytics and support data-driven decisions to build products that their users love. So, if you’re passionate about leveraging data, have a track record of championing and launching new projects and enjoy working within a dynamic team… this new opportunity could be for you! 

The company

Our client is a software start-up that provides a decision-making platform that transforms complex data into clear visualisations for schools, hospitals, offices, homes, and water facilities across the country. They are dedicated to empowering project stakeholders to build with confidence. Their cloud-based solutions integrate with estimating tools to present project trends, allowing their customers to make more efficient decisions throughout the preconstruction process. 

The role

As a Product Analyst, you’ll play a critical part in our client’s Product Team, supporting their next stage of growth by guiding new product expansion, defining relevant metrics, and turning results into actionable insights and decisions. This role is highly visible and cross-functional, working closely with and presenting to the leadership team.  

Other responsibilities include:

  • Establishing metrics on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis 

  • Defining best-in-class standards for internal product instrumentation 

  • Ensuring the current tracking is in place for long term maintenance and growth 

  • Analysing qualitative and quantitative user feedback to understand pain points 

  • Presenting insights and making recommendations for product improvements 

  • Effectively defining, tracking, and presenting success metrics  

The requirements

You’ll have 4+ years of experience in product analytics, as well as… 

  • Strong understanding of user needs from their perspective 

  • Track record of independently completing complex projects on time  

  • Able to coalesce data from a wide variety of sources 

  • Knowledge of SQL, data visualisation tools and other analytics tools 

  • Familiar with Amplitude, Mixpanel or other product analytics platforms 

  • Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) 

  • Experience managing projects involving cross-functional teams 

  • Self-motivated, proactive, and humble  

  • Excellent product intuition 

  • Well-versed in Python or other scripting languages is desirable  

  • Knowledge of the AEC industry or the built environment at large is desirable 


Important information

Reference number: 12040 

FMC contact for this role: Gabrielle Watson ( 

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