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Job titleMaterials Development Manager
Job typeAuto Innovation
Salary55,000 GBP Yearly
LocationUK East
Bonus PackageBonus, Pension
Job description

Currently supporting a Tier 1 supplier focussed on the development and production of high value, lower volume rubber/polymer-based products for a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical and defence markets globally. Backed by a major rubber manufacturer, this role will play a key part in further growth of the organisation and this part of the business expecting to grow the most.

The role

Looking for a Materials Development Manager, with the overall purpose of:
Developing and introducing innovative, proprietary, market-leading polymeric/composite materials for a variety of industrial applications. 

Provide ongoing chemical and material technical support for the organization.  Actively enhance the organization knowledge base in polymeric materials, processing and application.

Management of the Lab (team of circa 4) and its future development. Working with Purchasing Department to support Supplier Development.


•             Specification and performance of all materials used by the business
•             Ensure materials meet industry, quality and customer standards.
•             Performance of the lab team


•             Lead the development of innovative polymeric and textile technologies
•             Work closely with all business departments to understand the performance, cost and quality requirements of materials.
•             Develop/improve materials for applications engineering projects
•             Develop and recommend value added solutions such as new technologies, cost reductions and/or quality improvements
•             Manage testing and lab research efforts in the development of new materials
•             Performance, training and development of the lab team.
•             Determine testing needs; develop new or improved testing designs, methods and/or techniques
•             Provide input and guidance concerning potential use and benefit of emerging materials and technologies
•             Maintain technical documentation in line with quality standards
•             Work as an internal expert by supporting others on complex materials/applications reviews

The requirements

You will demonstrate the following:

  • 10 years of professional experience in Materials/Product Development role
  • Degree qualified in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Materials Science or Polymer Science.
  • Experience gained in industry focussed around an engineering/manufacturing environment
  • Experience and understanding of design and manufacturing of polymeric materials
  • Knowledge of polymer science including organic and silicone rubber (Advantageous)
  • Fundamental understanding of chemistry aspects of material properties

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Important information

Reference number: 8094

FMC contact for this role:  

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