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Job titleHead of Vehicle Performance Group
Job typeAuto Innovation
Salary120,000 - 130,000 GBP
LocationUK Wide
Bonus PackageYes
Job description

This is an exciting opportunity for a dynamic engineering leader to join our client as the Head of Vehicle Performance Group and profoundly impact the direction and development of all simulation and vehicle science activities within the team.  


The role

As Head of Vehicle Performance, you will work to optimise and continuously develop the future car development programme to differentiate them from their competitors. You will work closely with Race Engineering, Systems, Controls and Software teams to ensure maximum race preparation efficacy, on-track performance, model correlation accuracy and programme efficiency.  

Other responsibilities include:

  • Optimising vehicle performance ideas, through to their realisation and on-track validation 

  • Working in close cooperation with the Technical Director and design department  

  • Owning our client’s suite of tools for lap time simulation and vehicle modelling  

  • Providing innovative and appropriate methodologies that intensify the group’s performance  


The requirements

The successful candidate will be a knowledgeable, confident, and perceptive engineering leader. Other requirements include:

  • Degree level educated in Automotive, Mechanical or Vehicle Dynamics  

  • A deep understanding of motorsport vehicle simulation techniques 

  • A strong grasp of fundamental engineering physics 

  • Able to motivate, support and challenge a diverse group of talented engineers 

  • Excellent communication skills 

  • Able to break down complex chassis and control problems into understandable and actionable tasks 

  • An innate passion for driving a team to succeed in their championship goals 

  • Works methodically with attention to detail 

  • Personal flexibility including working weekends from time to time  

  • Able to use rigorous logic and methods to solve problems  


Important information

FMC contact for this role: Rhys Greenslade (

Reference number: 13437

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