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Job titleHandling Qualities Technical Leader
Job typeAuto Innovation
Salary130,000 - 160,000 USD Yearly
LocationNorth America
Bonus Package
Job description

A market leader in the aserospace and defence industries are looking for a Handling Qualities Technical Leader to join their US team. One of the world’s most well-known companies, this is a brilliant opportunity to be an integral part of a truly global organisation.

The company

Operating in the aerospace and defence market, our client is one of the number one companies in the world for helicopters and tiltrotor aircraft. With a long history and a strong heritage in the aerospace market, they are now focused on designing advanced technologies for the future across several applications, including helicopters, aircraft, aerostructures and cyber security. Their core focus is on innovation and sustainability as they go forward.

Designing and developing these technologies in-house, they offer a huge range of defence and security solutions to institutions across the globe with the aim of strengthening global security.

The role

In this role you’ll be working specifically on their tiltrotor aircraft in the USA that is currently in the certification stage. You’ll be working with revolutionary new technologies and will be focusing on development and certification activities. As a Handling Qualities Technical Leader you’ll lead on the analysis of aeromechanics and flight dynamics on the tiltrotor aircraft.


Responsibilities include:

  • Planning and leading analytical studies
  • Developing systems that impact aircraft performance and handling qualities
  • Leading aircraft handling qualities certification test and analysis
  • Ensuring tests are done efficiently
  • Creating final reports to show compliance to regulations
  • Mentoring junior Handling Qualities Engineers on analytics and data
  • Managing project activities such as budgeting and reporting
  • Developing company-wide analytical tools and methodologies
  • Managing the engineering flight simulation lab
  • Coordinating with internal stakeholders to ensure projects satisfy program objectives
  • Developing control law design solutions
  • Participating in test plan development and flight test programs


The requirements

You will have at least 15 or more years of engineering experience in design, test and development of commercial or military aircraft, as well as…

  • Degree educated in Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering
  • At least 2 years’ experience in a technical leadership role
  • At least 5 years’ experience in a flying qualities/handling qualities role
  • At least 5 years’ experience of simulation, design, and testing of rotorcraft flight control laws
  • Understanding of fly-by-wire control system and control law design
  • Experience in tiltrotor and vertical-lift technology
  • Experience with simulation modelling and analysis
  • Practical knowledge of FAA certification process and airworthiness regulations
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Experience in creating and communicating plans and strategies
  • Excellent written and verbal communication/presentation skills
  • Able to negotiate solutions



Important information

FMC Contact for this role: Adam Stackhouse (

Reference number: 8757

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