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Job titleCritical Care Clinical Specialist – Midlands/South Wales
Job typeMeditech
Salary GBP
LocationUK South
Bonus PackageBonus
Job description

Are you an experienced Critical Care Nurse/Operating theatre Nurse who is looking for that exciting next step? Looking to utilise your skills in a clinical training and engagement role with innovative technologies? Read on for more information!!!

The role

We are seeking qualified nurses that have a background of working in the Critical Care Unit or Operating theatre environment, and who are looking to move into a clinical training environment.

The successful candidate will be responsible for developing a thorough understanding of TTM (Targeted Temperature Management) – working with both ICU doctors and nurses to engage them in using this technology as a patient treatment pathway.

This role would include clinical support of key national and international clinical trial centres that are targeting developing treatment protocols for new indications as well as in hospital support launch of upcoming new products.

You will be providing product demonstrations and trials pre the sales process and product training post the sales process. This will be focused internally on supporting sales and marketing teammates, and then direct to the customer (users) of the products.

You will provide extensive field support of targeted accounts during the life cycle of the introduction and protocolising of the TTM treatment including:

– Pre-evaluation, clinical training and installation
– Intra-evaluation, technical and clinical support, case review and feedback
– Post purchase training to drive acceptance and utilisation with all stakeholders
– Indication development of the established centre
– Assessment, evaluation, and maintenance performance against TTM protocol

The requirements

The successful candidate will live within the assigned region and be aware of the travel involved in a field-based role such as this, alongside;

  • A degree level nursing qualification
  • Field based clinical support experience within medical devices
  • Intensive Care Unit or Operating Theatre related experience
  • Ability to develop strong technical knowledge of critical care products, related procedures and indications.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to effectively manage all levels of interaction with internal and external customers of all levels

Important information

Reference number: 8969

FMC contact for this role: Rhys Miller – Telephone: +44 (0) 7834 792 329

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