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Job titleChief Technology Officer
Job typeAuto Innovation
Salary100,000 - 120,000 GBP
LocationUK West
Bonus PackageBonus Package
Job description

Our client is currently looking for a Chief Technology Officer join their team in Worcestershire to lead the company forward into the world of EV. They are always moving forwards and evolving, and this role will be instrumental to this growth.    

The company 

With over 110 years’ experience, our client is a classic British motor sport brand, with an  exceptionally strong culture and a unique way of working. They combine their classic heritage with modern technology, and their entrepreneurial mindset to continuously grow and develop.  

The role 

As Chief Technology Officer, you will provide effective leadership direction and professional expertise in all areas of technology and engineering. You will be responsible for the R&D activities in the development of systems for automated driving, connected mobility, electric vehicle drives or relevant propulsion technologies. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Controlling the relevant technology advancements, revenue, and profit goals  

  • The entire automotive product development cycle 

  • Defining and implementing a vehicle electrification propulsion programme 

  • Providing leadership and knowledge-based enrichment to the engineering team 

  • Establishing both long-term strategy and technology roadmaps  

  • Ensuring alignment with the CEOs short and long-term vision  

  • Driving continuous improvement initiatives 

  • Managing the engineering annual budget to ensure objectives are met within financial and resource constraints 

  • Building excellent relationships with internal and external stakeholders 


The requirements 

You’ll have a minimum of 10 years of broad-based automotive technology and engineering experience with increasing levels of responsibility. Other requirements include: 

  • Degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical or Electronics) 

  • Prior component and system level delivery responsibility  

  • Outstanding experience in vehicle electrification (ADAS, Future Fuels) 

  • Successful track record in product life cycle management 

  • Able to define long-term technology strategy 

  • Proactive, high energy, hands-on management style  

  • Excel in a fast-paced, team orientated environment  

  • Proven leadership ability with a track record of building highly effective technical teams 

  • Committed to continuous improvement 

  • Clear understanding of current and future automotive technology trends 

  • Exceptional communication skills (written and verbal) 

  • Experience transitioning a business with an established ICE technology platform to a commercially viable integrated V based technology solution 

  • Experience in the implementation of technologies that will address the requirements for GSR2 


Important information 

FMC contact for this role: Adam Stackhouse (

Reference number: 10038 

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