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Job titleBIM Fabrication Specialist
Job typeSmart Industry
Salary45,000 - 55,000 GBP
LocationUK Wide
Bonus Package
Job description

Take this opportunity to join a smart, driven, growth-oriented company where you will constantly be at the forefront of the latest design and technology trends. Our client is seeking a BIM Fabrication Specialist to join their team across the UK.   

The company 

Our client establishes BIM best practises to provide workflow automation, template creation, project mentoring and training to facilitate innovative technologies and processes quickly and economically.  

Their consulting team is the nation’s largest and most experienced group of AECO technology consulting professionals. Their customers represent some of the largest and most respected organisations and public agencies.  

The role 

As BIM Fabrication Specialist, you will work as part of the solutions consulting team to manage cutting edge implementations of design and construction technology on a variety of projects. This is the perfect opportunity to complete strategic work with industry-leading clients.  


The requirements 

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject   

  • Experience in the means and methods of field installation of MEP/FP systems 

  • Experience in a fabrication shop environment 

  • Proven track record with the process, workflow and use of Autodesk Fabrication (CADmep/CAMduct) and Autodesk Revit (MEP)  

  • Demonstrable experience with the creation and administration of an Autodesk Fabrication database (.ITMs) 

  • Understands the workflow from design through to fabrication 

  • Technically savvy and able to problem solve 

  • Proactive and enjoy learning new software programs 

  • Thrives in a fast-paces, dynamic environment  

  • Able to manage and prioritise multiple clients and projects at the same time 

  • Flexible and willing to travel  


Important information  

Reference number: 10358 

FMC contact for this role: Faye Nasser ( 

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