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FMC Smart Industry | Electrification & the Skills Impact Part 3 | Tier Suppliers

Electrification & the Skills Impact Part 3 | Tier Suppliers

Tier Suppliers have found themselves in a rapidly changing industry. As Tier Suppliers increasingly move towards supplying components for new electric vehicles they are finding their whole market has shifted, from increased competition for skills to the way they partner with automotive OEMS. This report covers the impact on these companies, as well as what it means for skills, talent strategies and salaries. To compile this report we have collected some of our knowledge and insight into the sector to take a look at the fresh challenges the sector now faces in light of electrification.

What’s in the report?

  • The impact electrification is having on Tier Suppliers
  • How Tier Suppliers are adapting to stay competitive in the market
  • How Tier Suppliers are navigating this period of change
  • What skills are most in demand for Tier Suppliers
  • The impact this is having on salaries in the space

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FMC Auto Innovation | Electrification & the Skills Impact Part 3 | Tier Suppliers

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