Meet our FMC Auto Innovation team!

Dragons, Lambrini & copious biscuits – meet the FMC Auto Innovation team

Gemma Sleight, Marketing Executive at FMC Global Talent, specialists recruitment and headhunting consultancy in Bristol and Lincoln.
Gemma Sleight, Marketing Manager at FMC

FMC Auto Innovation are proud to find the talent and skills that’s driving innovation in some of world’s most exciting automotive organisations.

However, we’re not engineers and we’re not designers. We’re just a bunch of individuals who are massively passionate about Automotive tech and innovation! Try not to let this put you off working with us, but I thought I’d introduce our illustrious FMC Auto Innovation team.

Chris Mapp (AKA Mappy AKA Flappy)

What can we say about Christopher Mapp. If anyone wants to sit in a pub and talk electric cars, eat biscuits, crisps and cakes and drink cider… then you’ve met your match. He is unique and we’re blessed to have had him here for the last 18 years leading from the front in the automotive sector.  There is very little he doesn’t know about the sector!!

Ben Evans

Aside from ‘loving’ a long commute and being known as the clumsy member of team Auto Innovation…. Ben is mainly known for his passion. His love of the automotive sector shines through in all he does, he leads from the front with his work ethic and has a real sense of team spirit when it comes to developing new business.

Adam Stackhouse (AKA Stackers)

Our answer to Roger Federer (he claims he has a better hand), Mr Stackhouse is known for his engaging personality and as someone you can count on to listen and be fair and honest! As well as being a fan of old-school hip-hop and Wu-Tang, he’s also a fan of bringing the best out of the people around him.

Stephanie Allen

Steph is known for having her eye on the prize – she is almost impossible to distract from the task at hand and will work tirelessly to give people a good experience. She often takes people by surprise with her in-depth technical knowledge of the market, her fantastic baking skills, willingness to feed the whole office and her ability to destroy 5 big bottles of Lambrini in one sitting!

Joe Nock

You would never have thought he was only 2 years into his career giving his understanding of complex technologies, but Joe’s attention to details and approachable manner would have you fooled. His likeable nature has made him a hit with clients and candidates alike…. As long as his dragons are present on his desk, you can be sure Joe is smiling and in a good mood!

Kai Colby (AKA The Postman, AKA Kylie, AKA Keyser Söze)

Whatever his nickname is that week, Kai is a critical member of the team who has quietly become one of the most supportive team members in our office. Always willing to help others, he has set himself apart as a consistent yet competitive member of staff who forces others to up their game!

Tom Winter

Our resident gym bunny – his biceps rival those of Schwarzenegger – when he’s not consuming copious amounts of chicken and rice he’s going above and beyond for his candidates. Tom is a sincerely hard working, funny and generous person who is a pleasure to work with… and handy to have around for the heavy lifting!

James Watson III

Yes, he really is ‘James Watson III’… why? We have employed two other James Watson’s in our history at FMC and one of those happens to work in the same office as James Watson III. James just recently joined us but he already feels like part of the team and is destined to do well. Not only is he fabulous, but he loves his footwear “Creps” and always has a pair under his desk for every occasion, smart-smart, smart and also a casual pair.


If all that hasn’t put you off, why not send us your CV and we’ll hook you up with a fantastic job!