Some tips from recruiters on getting ahead and getting graduate jobs

Getting ahead – finding graduate jobs

Sophie Higgs, FMC Global Talent, Recruitment and headhunting specialists
Sophie Higgs, Systems Coordinator, FMC Global Talent

Your final year has started, you’ve got a dissertation, general course load, Wednesday night socials and making it to lectures in the morning to contend with. Have you thought about what happens afterwards? If  you want to be among the 70% of graduates who are employed within 6 months of stepping off campus, it’s time to get your butt in gear. Yes, June, July, September (or whenever your graduation ceremony is) may seem like months away, but it’s never too early to start the ball rolling.

We see so many silly mistakes when people apply for our graduate jobs. We thought we’d provide some tips!

 What should you do?

  • List your skills, competencies and interests – what are you really good at? What are you interested in? The quote “be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire” should resonate with someone who has the world at their fingertips, don’t aspire to be bored, aspire to continue to learn and build the skills you have, whilst admiring your manager, or working in a market that will inspire you.
  • Build your CV – a bright, interesting account of your experience and ambitions, what you have to offer the company you want to work for, and an insight into your personality.
  • Get advice – take advantage of your careers service, speak to your lecturers and people whose opinions you respect. Ask family members about their career path and how they got to where they are now.
  • Start your research – look on job boards, find out what graduates in the year above you are doing since they finished university, read the career pages on company websites.
  • Go to Alumni events – some universities will host events where you can hear from alumni, ask them questions and network. This is a great way to understand what you can achieve with your degree.
  • Create a Linked In account – a more professional way to network where you can host a CV style profile, connect with companies and follow industry news. Remember it’s not Facebook, so don’t post unnecessarily.
  • Proof read your CV and application – when submitting your details for a role, check, check and check again. The number of spelling, grammar, and quite frankly stupid mistakes on applications can be ridiculous. Make sure your phone number is on your CV, and that it’s the right one. Always save the document with your name, not “My CV” or similar. Your cover letter should be clear and concise.
  • Don’t spam the world with your CV – you don’t want to work anywhere. Strive for quality applications to companies you are genuinely interested in. There is nothing worse than calling a candidate for a telephone interview and they say “errm, which job is this again? I’ve applied for loads!”

 Represent yourself well, prepare yourself and you’ll be flying!

 Are you ambitious, commercially minded and resilient? We could be interested.

At FMC we are always looking for top talent, and sometimes you can be hard to find! Not only do we represent stellar candidates, we hire them too. If you’ve ever wanted the type of career where you are supported, but ultimately have to push yourself to reap the rewards of your efforts, Recruitment could be for you. If you’re graduating in Lincoln or Bristol or moving back into the area, you may not be conscious of the potential employers at your fingertips.

FMC is a home-grown SME with global reach, working with some of the world’s biggest brands across more than 23 countries. In the recruitment team, spend one day talking to candidates in the Middle East and the next negotiating offer packages in Texas. You will specialise in a market that will allow you to become knowledgeable and credible among your network. Each day is different and you will reach out to candidates to understand their motives within their industries, as well as building your own client base. We will give you the tools to succeed. Continual training and development is always available at FMC Global Talent.  We strive to help you build yourself to the best you can be, gaining confidence and leadership skills.

Work daily with a close-knit dynamic team of energetic 20-somethings, who not only instigate friendly competition in the office, but during our company away days. Climb a mountain together? Throw each other over walls during Tough Mudder? Relax and unwind with a drink and endless surprises at the Christmas party? We work hard and are well rewarded. If you hit targets by Friday, you might even get a Wagamama lunch on the boss.

Fancy it?

Commencement to the real world is near, if you’re looking for a commercial environment where you don’t need to leave your personality at home, we could be the one for you. Our team will review applications all year round, so if you’re due to graduate next summer, see our employer prospectus here and get your CV across to before you don your cap and gown.