I'ts crunch time for BIM. Find BIM talent with the Software team at FMC Global Talent.

It’s crunch time – find BIM talent now

When the Construction Strategy revealed the 2016 BIM aims, it felt like a distant and comfortable goal. Now we are in the final quarter of 2015 and only 11% of the housing construction sector are using the fabrication tool. Things are beginning to get real! The National BIM report by NBS for 2015 does say that 92% will begin using it over the next 3 years… but you might say that’s a little too late.

It’s crunch time now… so what’s the hold up?

The cost
Shelling out all the money in the beginning is the point where most people end up haltering. Keep your eye on the benefits and potential savings, both cost and time wise.

The hassle
Moving between any type of system can be a royal pain in the backside. The project management involved is a full time job, but the efficiency you’ll feel in the end should counter any hassle in the beginning.

The talent
It was designed to increase productivity and efficiency and pretty much everyone we speak to is excited about the prospect of using and working with BIM. The biggest barrier is without doubt getting the right talent. There is a fight for skills, and attracting them is critical. It is a candidate led market right now. As an employer you need to be prepared to have a top notch offering to attract the talent in the coming months, throughout 2016, and be able to keep it!

Are you BIM ready?
Whilst we have been servicing vendors, resellers and users of BIM around the world, my team at FMC Global Talent have consequently built an extensive network of talent. We have candidates within current BIM roles, or with transferrable skills sat on our database. We have been building relationships with these candidates over the last 2 years, preparing for the steep increase in demand.

We like to think we are BIM ready. Are you?

If you’d like to talk to use about your BIM requirements, please get in touch today.