What could you earn in an eye care sales role?

Eyes on the prize – what you can expect to earn in eye care sales

Ryan Tosh, Recruiter for Meditech at FMC Global Talent.
Ryan Tosh, Senior Recruiter for Meditech at FMC Global Talent.

We frequently get asked about sales salary expectations in the eye care team at FMC Meditech.

We thought we’d give an overview of the average basic salaries and bonuses you can expect to earn in the eye care market across different sales roles. Over the past year we’ve mapped the market, and this is just some of the information we’ve collated.

Average salaries and bonuses

  • Associate Account Manager (less than 2 years’ experience) – £35k salary + £16k bonus
  • Account Manager (2-5 years’ experience) £45k salary + £20k bonus
  • Senior Account Manager (5 years’ + experience) – £50k salary + £25k bonus
  • Business Development Manager/Product Specialist – £55k salary + £35k bonus
  • Regional Sales Manager – £60k salary + £22k bonus
  • National Sales Manager – £70k salary + £35k bonus
  • Clinical Applications Specialist – £40k salary + £12k bonus

What causes the range of salaries and bonuses?

Both basic salaries and bonuses are affected by a variety of factors, including:

  • Territory – job roles come with a variety of territory locations and sizes and, generally speaking, larger territories can mean a larger basic salary
  • Product – the higher the price of the equipment a salesperson is selling, the more bonus they can expect to receive.
  • Environment – is the product being sold to a clinical market, a private market, or to the NHS? The different sales environments can lead to different basic salaries and bonuses

Want to find out more?

What are the maximum and minimum salaries you could earn in these positions? Find out, alongside much more market insight, in our Eye Care Talent Report that you can download here.