Employer brand perception helps personnel and HR departments to secure the best talent.

What is your employer brand perception?

Gemma Sleight, Marketing Executive at FMC Global Talent, specialists recruitment and headhunting consultancy in Bristol and Lincoln.
Gemma Sleight, Marketing Manager at FMC Global Talent

Here at FMC Global Talent, we are constantly looking for ways to differentiate ourselves from the competition, so that we can attract the best new graduates or the most experienced recruitment talent.

We are not alone in this.

Wondering how you are portrayed as an employer and what you can do to influence this perception is top of a lot of hiring managers’ agendas.

Top tips for a good employer brand perception analysis:

Ask questions
Asking candidates how and where they heard of you will give you valuable insight as well as some indication of where your advertising is working.

Competitor research
What are your competitors doing? How and where are they getting good people from? Should you be doing the same or should you avoid doing it like that?!

Career aspiration research
What do graduates or people entering the industry aspire to be? What sort of path do they usually follow and what path would they like to follow?

Above all making sure your internal culture is reflected outwardly, so that you are attracting the types of people that fit in nicely.

For the next quarter (till the end of December 2015) we are offering new clients a free brand perception analysis in return for two weeks exclusivity on the first job we work on.

Why do it yourself when we have access to the best candidates in your industry?

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