CV tips for digital transformation sales professionals in 2020

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Justin Pritchard, Principal Consultant at FMC Global Talent within Smart Industry.
Justin Pritchard, Principal Consultant at FMC Global Talent

Looking for a new role in 2020? January is a popular time to begin exploring new opportunities as companies begin looking to implement their recruitment strategies for the year ahead.

The market is flooded with vacancies and there is a rise in active candidates. So, how do you make yourself standout from the crowd? 

We receive feedback from hiring managers and HR professionals across the globe for sales, technical and leadership talent and have comprised their feedback for you to consider when designing your CV for 2020.

Name & contact details

An obvious place to start but ensure your contact details are accurate and your name is clearly visible. Consider your font and style; none of the wording within the CV/resume should be too big or colourful.

If you choose to use a photo, it needs to be professional and of high quality, otherwise you can link your LinkedIn account instead to save space.

Personal profile/statement

This should be an overview of your professional profile, including key attributes and career ambitions, and should be tailored for each position you’re applying for. This should not be a list of generic statements.

This is the best opportunity you have to succinctly explain who and what you are, how your career has evolved and how you wish for it to evolve further. On the basis that cover letters are often felt to be old fashioned and meaningless, this is your opportunity to introduce yourself; do not waste it!

Career experience – checklist

The most important section on your CV and often a starting point for many Hiring Managers. Be sure to be concise and use industry terminology.

1. Individual sales target vs performance

2. Sales territories & percentage of travel (international, local)

3. Industries and example clients sold to 

4. Reasons for moving from one position to another

5. Specific domain/software and brand knowledge

6. Who have you sold to? (C-level Executives, Marketing Managers)

7. Average deal sizes and sales cycles

8. Position tenures

9. Type of CRM systems used

10. Size of sales team managed

11. Development of a sales team and or training delivered

12. Percentage of new vs existing business activity, within new or existing logos

13. Other key achievements 

In this section, try not to waste any space describing who your employer is; people may already know or can look it up online. Instead, include one or two sentences to introduce your role and then bullet point some of the information we have suggested above.

Remember to list achievements but be sure to list them under each role. An achievements section is not actually helpful; potential employers want to be able to reference when and in what role an achievement was made.

Education, qualifications & training

Many leading software providers seek relevant degrees, qualifications, specific sales training and even sales methodologies. Ensure this section is clear and easy to follow.

Hobbies and interests

People like to read about your hobbies and interests but remember, if they are not genuine or distinctive, it is better to miss this whole section altogether.

Things to remember

  • Be concise and straight to the point, ensure your CV is easy to digest for those who are reading it
  • Populate your CV with industry terminology
  • Use standard font, sizes and colours. There’s no need to overcomplicate things!
  • Ensure you reference any additional languages

Beware of

  • Avoid waffle and using transition word. Get to the point!
  • Ensure you provide some commentary around career gaps
  • Avoid whacky formatting and design
  • Keep it to a maximum of 3 pages

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