Whilst the rest of the world is coming to terms with the reality of Coronavirus and its impact on our daily lives, myself included as I write this from my dining room table, it has sparked a surge in IoT sales across USA’s manufacturing industry

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Kimberley Wellen, Senior Account Manager at FMC Global Talent.
Kimberley Wellen, Senior Account Manager at FMC Global Talent.

While the rest of the world is coming to terms with the reality of Coronavirus and its impact on our daily lives, myself included as I write this from my dining room table, it has sparked a surge in IoT sales across USA’s manufacturing industry.  

Sure, adoption rates for digital transformation technology was destined to continue rising, but nobody predicted a global pandemic would spark an increase in IoT implementation, yet, here we are! 

Why is IoT booming? 

The requirement to self-isolate and work from home has driven an increase in demand for IoT technology to support the maintenance of assets remotely.  

Adopting an Equipment as a Service model has unintentionally designed itself to combat the situation evolving before us.  

The main pros being the reduction of pressure on cash flow for businesses whilst allowing remote users to receive accurate and live data feeds on an asset’s performance and health.   

Red hot IoT companies 

So, which providers should we be keeping an eye on in the USA? Who’s bringing the coolest technology and which companies should you ponder when considering your career prospects? 


AVEVA have absolutely dominated the engineering software sector for many years now and continue to undertake a full throttle approach to delivering the best industrial solutions out there, including IoT! 

The feedback we receive from AVEVA employees is outstanding. The company provide employees with the platform to excel in their careers whilst pioneering innovative new technologies and software.

Machine Metrics  

Just last week Machine Metrics recorded an uptick in utilisation across the fleet it monitors. At 30.5% utilisation, this marks the highest since October 2018!  

It’s no surprise really. I mean, who wouldn’t want to utilize their easy to use IIoT capabilities which boasts one of the most user friendly and visually pleasing analytics we’ve seen to date! 

They’re also a super cool company to work for with remote working capabilities, 401K matching, HAS health insurance and an environment which has stayed true to its family roots. 


The hugely popular Norwegian company, Cognite, are rocking out with some seriously interesting IoT technology and have already expanded their operations in the USA! 

The tech start-up have recently snagged an exec from SparkCognition to help grow North American HQ, who was “impressed with the company’s vision, focus, value proposition and culture.” 


The German based company are yet another technology and IIoT start-up tempted into the US market. Having already proved a huge hit in Europe, attention has now turned to the Americas to grow and expand. 

Their cloud platform has been absorbed into some of the biggest names in manufacturing, including Mercedes-Benz and Airbus, with outstanding results and has competitors taking note. They’re also a fab company to work for and offer competitive salaries and a relaxed environment led by leaders in their field! 

Aspen Technology 

Aspen Technology are a household name all over the world when it comes to digital transformation. Their products have propelled the brand into the elite category, providing immense value to clients and fueling operational excellence.  

Their expanding portfolio encompasses a range of IIoT applications which have revolutionised the industrial landscape. It’s no wonder they’re one of the most attractive propositions out there in the talent market! 


Uptake are right up there in a long list of IoT providers which have really grabbed our attention. Their AI-driven asset management solution provides a single, stylish, and popular dashboard for every person in the business to review.  

Recognised for leadership in industrial IoT by the World Economic Forum, CNBC and Forbes, Uptake are a serious contender and plans are underway to expand an already hugely talented team! 


Zyfra have rapidly become known for their IIoT and Industrial AI solution across the Heavy industries. And it must be said, they’ve created an exciting and engaging brand with a super cool user-friendly website. 

Their niche and highly specialised IoT tools were recently recognized at IOT Solutions World Congress for best solution in the category of business transformation!  

We’re receiving some extremely positive feedback of the Zyfra brand in the talent market and are excited to see their progress in 2020! 


And lastly, Senseye are our last company to complete a list of rockstar IoT companies! Last year we saw them expand into Germany and strengthen their presence in Europe. And, its award-winning condition monitoring and prognostic software has so far gone down a storm! 

They’ve created an environment and culture where employees make an impact on the vision and strategy at all levels. It’s got “all the excitement of a fast-moving tech startup” with homeworking arrangements, flexible hours and excellent work/life balance!