Digital Plant: Top tips to recruit commercial talent in DACH

Liz Rainey, Senior Recruiter in the Digital Construction team at FMC Global Talent
Liz Rainey, Senior Recruiter at FMC Smart Industry

It’s a tale of two halves really. On the one hand, DACH has rapidly become a global hotspot for digital transformation innovation and growth. On the other, DACH recruitment is the toughest it’s ever been.

Thanks to a surge in demand for digital transformation software, such as APM, Cybersecurity and IIoT, many Digital Plant companies are growing or expanding in DACH, thus creating one of Industry 4.0’s largest calls for commercial talent.

What are the biggest incentives to moving companies in DACH?

During my time at FMC, I’ve experienced a notable shift in the demand for talent from the States and towards the likes of Germany due to two main factors.

  1. Career progression is fast, alongside excellent employer benefits and work life balance. For commercial roles particularly, the rise into a senior leadership position is much faster than within the likes of the North America, Middle East & Asia Pacific regions.
  2. Secondly, software innovation in DACH is leading the wider Digital Plant space. Whether this is due to a heightened request for software, or increasing adoption rates, software is advancing faster than anywhere else in the world.

What are the main barriers for DACH recruitment?

What’s happening as a result of growing software innovation, adoption and business expansion is a significant demand for talent, which is in short supply.

Culturally, existing candidates within the DACH region are hesitant in considering new career opportunities, let alone open to ‘exploratory’ conversations with a hiring manager.

3-month notice periods also work against the fast-paced environment of emerging technology where the requirement for talent is almost always immediate.

We’re also experiencing the need for native German speakers within a highly diverse international market with little room for compromise from Digital Plant companies. As a result, there is a great deal of high-quality talent wastage.

What can companies be doing to help DACH recruitment?

Be as flexible as possible with your brief. The DACH region is a highly competitive market for a very small pool of Digital Plant talent, so considering candidates with transferable skill sets or display a competence to learn will reduce the time from requirement to placement.

Setting aside a sensible budget will help secure top commercial talent. High-performing Digital Plant candidates aren’t cheap unfortunately. This is due to the complexity and specialised nature of the market. Leaving a little more in the budget can make all the difference during the offer stage.

Lastly, ensuring the branding and message to market is attractive and communicates the exciting nature of the role/company will help to stand out from the crowd. Talent in the DACH region is more likely to move to a secure and established business who offers exciting software alongside the promise of long-term stability and progression.  

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