Blog outlining FMC Smart Industry's Top 5 Digital Plant technology companies to work for in 2020

Digital Plant | Top 5 technology companies to work for in 2020

What makes a great company to work for? The software? The culture? The career progression? In truth, it’s finding a balance of all these elements and more.  

When operating in emerging technology markets, like Digital Plant, it’s easy for companies to plough tonnes of money into marketing, product development or R&D and neglect the areas that matter to you.  

Of course, working with great software/technology with a USP (in a highly competitive market) is important, and for some people critical, but for others it’s about location, vision or leadership.  

So, which companies can you bank on finding the right balance this year? Based on the conversations I’m currently having with digital transformation professionals, here are my top 5 technology companies to work for in 2020. 

Hitachi Vantara  

When Japanese company Hitachi merged Hitachi Vantara with Hitachi Consulting, it sent a serious message of intent to IoT providers. In a move which should accelerate adoption of IoT solutions in industrial markets over 2020, Hitachi have achieved what appears to be a perfect harmony between product and service.  

Culturally, Hitachi Vantara have created a fantastic environment for people to work in thanks to their flexible working arrangements, work life balance and progression opportunities. Linked with their new product/service offering, Hitachi Vantara have created an exciting foundation to build on in 2020. 


Claroty are on a journey to becoming the leading IoT security provider for operational technology. After securing $100m in funding, Claroty have hired former Druva executive and Siemens veteran Thorsten Freitag as CEO as they continue to experience rapid revenue growth and strong demand globally. 

So, Claroty have the financial backing, strong leadership and a product which is in high demand globally. They have clear vision and momentum which is being recognised throughout the IT security market. They are a company that is going places and are certainly worth of a place on my Top 5 technology companies in 2020.


Cognite are another company creating the right kind of noise in Digital Plant. Like many fast-growing start-ups, there is no doubt it creates a chaotic environment. But for some, the fast-paced nature of a start-up, and their ability to influence the businesses direction, is the ultimate temptation.  

From the branding to their product to their highly skilled management team, Cognite have impressively created a business which has made people stand up and take note. They allow companies to utilise their data in a fast and accessible way, promoting digital transformation across the Nordics and beyond. Certainly one to watch this year! 

Sight Machine 

If you’re partnered with the likes of Google, BCG, Microsoft, and Cisco, you’re on the right tracks. That’s exactly what Sight Machine have done. Their AI platform for manufacturing analytics has blown up, with their people and leadership team at the center of driving the business forward. 

Their ambition and individuality have proved to be a fantastic recipe to motivate their employees into feeling inspired, invigorated and excited to help the business achieve thier ambitions. With $85M worth of funding behind them, Sight Machine have the potential to excel in 2020. 

Power Factors 

Lastly, Power Factors are revolutionising asset management for renewable energy. They’re already privileged with leading data scientists and business transformation professionals who are united in delivering cleaner energy.  

Another fast-paced, high-growth start-up, Power Factors’ have founded a product which supports the transformation of power generation. Their commitment to renewable energy is the driving force behind the business and is attracting leading talent in North America who are inspired by delivering a sustainable future.  

FMC Digital Plant 

FMC Digital Plant is a team of individuals who are delivering the key sales, technical and leadership talent for digital transformation companies around the world.  

We have an excellent track record of introducing the most forward-thinking industry 4.0 professionals with companies like the above, who are looking to drive changes and revolutionalise the traditional industrial sectors.  

If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunities we’re currently working on, or would like to find out how FMC can support your recruitment needs in 2020, contact me at or call me on +44 (0) 7834 792 348.