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Digital Plant – Motives & incentives reshaping the talent landscape

Kimberley Wellen, Account Manager at FMC Smart Industry
Kimberley Wellen, Senior Account Manager at FMC Smart Industry

Hiring and retaining leading Digital Plant talent can be challenging, after all, each candidate or employee is motivated differently. Whether during an interview or appraisal, understanding the value of these motives is the difference between securing the long-term commitment of your workforce.

A candidate’s motive’s are impacted by various factors including professional, personal, industry and economical influences. Therefore, establishing an open relationship with talent is pivotal in determining their exact influences. This can often be a sensitive and complex process.

In recent years, the Plant market has been affected by catastrophic industry events and economical turmoil. Has this had a detrimental affect on recruiting leading talent?

We’ve been surveying industry and talent leaders behind leading Digital Plant software and technology providers for the oil & gas, power & utilities and process manufacturing markets to find the answers!

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The talent market – Europe vs. USA

The European and American Digital Plant markets are individualistic and talent in both markets are uniquely motivated. Here’s what we found out…

Europe – Valuing the brand and products

Our results indicate the brand as the leading candidate motivator with 40% of respondent’s votes. An intangible, professional factor, the brand signifies a company’s image, strength of a product or service, organisational culture and many other factors.

With 23% of votes, the product was voted as the second most influential factor when securing leading talent over competitor organisations. In a market populated by so many emerging technologies, a product which is renowned throughout the market is an attractive proposition.

USA – Valuing money and progression

Contrary to Europe, the USA elected financial benefits as their primary candidate motivator. With 38% of votes, basic salaries, bonus schemes, travel allowances and other monetary incentives are required to lock-down the industry’s leading talent.

Career progression received 23% of votes and highlights another major factor which impacts recruitment. Interestingly, professional influences appear to be valued over personal incentives throughout both regions.

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Your employees – Europe vs. USA

Struggling to retain your best employees? Your workforce is motivated by separate factors than external talent. Here’s why:

Europe – Valuing financial benefits & career progression

Financial benefits are the main motivators for your employees as represented by 43% of respondents. To retain your leading employees, offering incentives inline or above the market averages is key.

Secondly, career progression is also ranked highly scooping 20% of respondent’s votes. SMEs and start-ups can often struggle in this respect, losing many employees to larger vendors who offer defined career paths.

USA – Valuing the client base & others

Conversely, the client base is the determining factor in retaining employees in the USA. Industry and talent leaders believe their clients play a pivotal role in employee retention. One explanation to this could be the number of clients or prospects in a given allocated sales territory.

Respondents appear to be indecisive in what they believe the second motivator to be. Equally nominated with 15% of votes each, these four motivators were highlighted:

– Career progression
– Financial benefits
– Work/life balance
– Training and development

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Digital Plant Sales Talent report 2018/19

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