Blog about the top 10 digital plant employers in 2019

Digital Plant OVERHAUL… 10 best places to work in 2019!

Tim Pont, Senior Recruiter at FMC Global Talent
Tim Pont, Senior Recruiter at FMC Global Talent

Individuals on the move in 2019 can expect to operate within fast-paced, innovative software environments whilst profiting from industry leading financial benefits.

Digital transformation will continue to be the dominant message across the plant market whilst many organisations are seeking industry leading talent to help plug the skills gaps.

On the move in 2019? Our Digital Plant team have highlighted the top employers to watch out for.

Additionally, you can read FMC’s latest blog on which Digital Plant start-ups outperformed global vendors in 2018 here.

GE Digital

Late in 2018, GE announced the formation of a new IoT software business to solely focus on software development and build a robust product road map.

Having adopted various solutions, such as the Predix portfolio, GE employees can leverage key digital assets and address customer expectations and demands.

GE Digital offers a fresh, exciting and established brand with recognised industry leading products and a global client portfolio making them a top employer in 2019!

AVEVA, Sphera & AspenTech

Three technology leaders you won’t be surprised to see in this list are AVEVA, Sphera and Aspen Technology who will continue expanding their market share via increased headcount and acquisitions.

From a sales perspective, working for a leading vendor means inheriting global accounts and closing larger average deal sizes in comparison to other technology verticals.

This materialises into larger bonuses, holidays and financial benefits for employees not to mention leading fringe benefits such as technology and upgraded travel.


OSIsoft help industrial organisations unlock their “treasure trove of data” and begin the digital transformation journey.

Having spoken with various industry leaders, OSIsoft are poised to continue growing their presence across Asia Pacific and have identified this as a growth area for 2019.

From a job satisfaction perspective, employees can educate users on the benefits of utilizing data and its impact on assets and business performance whilst working with cutting-edge technology.

FMC’s Complete List

Our complete list of top employers which includes SME’s, start-ups and global businesses undergoing expansion into new markets are:

  1. GE Digital
  2. AVEVA
  3. Sphera
  4. AspenTech
  5. OSIsoft
  6. Uptake
  7. Foghorn
  8. Senseye
  9. SkyX
  10. UiPath

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