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Digital Manufacturing | Which mergers & acquisitions have had the biggest impact?

Sabrina Anthoney, Senior Recruiter at FMC Global Talent
Sabrina Anthoney, Senior Recruiter at FMC Global Talent

The current rate of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) within software and technology markets has risen dramatically over the last few years. So much so, it’s completely redefined the landscape of emerging technology and challenged companies to think differently about digital transformation, yielding incredible results.

Emerging technology has always been susceptible to M&A activity. In today’s markets, vendors are looking to incorporate an “end-to-end” portfolio of solutions which caters for each stage of a workflow.

So, which M&As have had the biggest impact on Digital Manufacturing so far and accelerated digital transformation in end-user markets?

Hexagon & Romax Technology

Hexagon’s acquisition of Romax Technology has been extremely well perceived by the Digital Manufacturing talent market.

Both companies’ excellent reputations of providing best in class solutions means we’re excited to see what their collaboration means for the future of simulation, electrification and IoT!

OnePLM & TEAM Engineering

OnePLM acquired TEAM Engineering in September 2019, creating a UK powerhouse for Siemens Digital Industries Software partners.

The partnership means both companies were able to instantly expand their client portfolios, geographical coverage and become a quality driven service and software provider.

PTC & Onshape

Shockwaves were felt throughout Digital Manufacturing when PTC acquired Onshape late in 2019. Whilst many thought Onshape could do it alone, PTCs reputation of preserving and accelerating disruptive software means the company is in safe hands!

PTC have safeguarded the existing leadership team to protect Onshape’s strategy and to allow it’s continued development under professionals who have so far created a genuinely disruptive software provider.

Symetri & Majenta’s Autodesk division

Symetri’s ambition of becoming a recognised international provider of Autodesk solutions took a step closer when it acquired Majenta’s Autodesk division.

Majenta’s customer base are now served with more expertise, capabilities and a broader product portfolio and has piqued the interest of many professionals in the UK talent market thanks to the strength of the Symetri brand.

Siemens & MultiMechanics

MultiMechanics was acquired by Siemens in 2019 and absorbed into their Siemens Digital Industries division, combining to allow customers access to digital twin technology for materials.

The award winning MultiMechanics is also a favourite in the talent market thanks to their desire to innovate whilst always putting employees first!

ANSYS acquired Granta Design

Material intelligence software is so highly complex and unique, there aren’t many software providers who have truly nailed it. Granta Design have been the leader in this field for a while now and it didn’t take long to attract the attention of a truly global digital transformation company.

ANSYS acquired Granta Design in 2019 which saw the business significantly enhance their customer experience in this area and adopt yet another disruptive technology provider.

Altair acquires Datawatch

Datawatch, a provider of data intelligence software, became an “Altarian” late in 2018. Altair recognized the potential to combine simulation and data science and get ahead of the analytical curve.

Whilst they’ve already created positive noise, which includes being listed on Gartner’s Niche Players quadrant, they’re very well received in the talent market thanks to Altair’s untouchable reputation.

HBM Prenscia & Brüel & Kjær

It’s less common for mergers to take place in Digital Manufacturing however in April 2018 HBM Prenscia and Brüel & Kjær did just that with the ambition of driving digital transformation.

The aim was to leverage one another’s capabilities to enhance areas in propulsion, durability, safety and noise, vibration and harshness for more people across more locations. In 2020, they can safely say they’ve done just that with both brands an attractive proposition for today’s talent market.

GoEngineer acquires Advanced RP, Inc. 

The additive manufacturing market is one of the fastest growing technology sectors globally and so M&A activity thrives. An exciting example of this is first player in the popularisation and deployment of Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.”

Cenit are today an internationally positioned value-added reseller (VAR) who “present a mature strategic and operational approach to establishing 4.0-ready PLM business strategies.

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Management teams are often so bogged down in executing the financial transaction and merging their technology portfolio they forget their most important resource: people.

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