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Digital Manufacturing – 6 interesting candidate motivators told by YOU

Ben Marum, Account Manager at FMC Global Talent
Ben Marum, Account Manager at FMC Global Talent

Digital manufacturing houses some of the biggest digital breakthroughs in the Smart Industry. From aerospace & defense to automotive, thanks to being one of the largest markets globally, there is a constant demand for innovation and consequently digital transformation.

Luckily, thanks to advanced education systems and strong global economies, digital manufacturing is the perfect environment to develop talent to continue driving growth throughout the industry. You can read my colleague’s blog on who is leading the digital era here.

However, skills and attributes within the industry are becoming increasingly transferable throughout a multitude of technology and software sectors which enhances competition for the most forward-thinking talent.

Want to find out what attracts the very best talent in digital manufacturing? We’ve surveyed sales and talent leaders from across the world to collect their insights and answer that very question.

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The brand was voted by 41% of respondents as the most influential factor for digital manufacturing talent when deciding on a career destination. Ranked above many personal motivators, a successful brand represents the strength of a product or service, corporate social responsibility, a healthy organisational culture and much more.

Career progression came second with 22% of votes. The first personal motivator of our survey, career progression appeals to every candidate. Who wants to feel stagnant in their career? No-one.

This may be more appealing to junior and mid-level employees as opposed to C-level candidates, but nevertheless organisations that offer clear progression schemes appear to attract more candidates.

Financial benefits places third with 17% of the votes. Surprisingly, talent in the digital manufacturing sector seek career progression and a strong brand above the likes of salary and bonus schemes.

Arguably, a strong brand can lead to enhanced financial benefits for sales professionals as the products and services are better received in the market. Equally, career progression could also lead to enhanced financial benefits, nevertheless remuneration appears to be less influential.

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Our research suggests that digital manufacturing professionals feel least motivated when they do not feel personally incentivised.  These three factors were voted as the top causes of attrition:

1. Financial benefits
2. Career progression
3. Work/life balance

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Earlier this year, we set out to uncover the key salary trends and employee motivations in digital manufacturing for 2018 by surveying leading talent and sales managers across the globe. How does your basic salary compare? Is your OTE below the market average? You can download the report FREE by clicking here.

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