A blog outlining the 5 best technology and software companies to work for in the Digital Construction sector in 2020

Digital Construction | Top 5 technology companies to work for in 2020

Joe Coleman, Senior Account Manager at FMC Global Talent
Joe Coleman, Senior Account Manager at FMC Global Talent

Why has construction increasingly become one of the most attractive sectors to work in? Building sites aren’t overly appealing, it can be unsafe and resistant to change…

The answer? Industry 4.0 is finally getting a grip of improving and digitalizing the sector. Software adoption is on the rise and technology is being realized as a sustainable alternative to traditional methods.

The SME & start-up market is booming, global software vendors are continuing to innovate, and contractors are driving technology awareness. Even the likes of Microsoft, with their AR headsets, are committed to redefining traditional construction methods.

As thousands of software and technology professionals make the switch to AEC, I look at the top 5 technology companies to work for in 2020.


AI is a big deal in construction. It’s got tonnes of potential if presented in a user-friendly way. Doxel are at the forefront of AI innovation for the construction sector. Their technology is used for scanning, budgeting, scheduling and more.  

Employees rave about the excellent culture and collaborative working environment, in addition to their flexible working policy. Doxel are working on revolutionary technology, which is attracting some of the most forward thinking and leading talent in the industry. 


“Blockchain” has been on everyone’s lips since crypto currency went mainstream however it’s application now far extends alternate currency security. Utilising AI & Blockchain technology, Briq have developed a platform that enables construction professionals to analyse risk and performance throughout various. 

They have created a fast-paced technology environment where collaboration is central. They have a passionate and dedicated leadership team who have combined their vast knowledge of the construction technology market to turn Briq into a serious and exciting Digital Construction company. 

Spacemaker AI 

Having secured $25 million worth of funding in 2019, Spacemaker AI claim to offer the world’s first “AI-assisted design and construction simulation software for the property development sector”.  

Spacemaker AI aren’t short of hype or interest from investors, competitors and potential candidates. They’re currently one of, if not the, hottest technology company in the Nordic region with thanks to their technology, employer branding, marketing, and growth opportunities. 


Fabriq understand IoT. Their platform manages energy and building-performance data to optimise how a building operates. With the growing need for construction to be energy efficient, Fabriq have designed a product which is in high demand.  

Their established patent portfolio means they’ve formed partnerships with some of worlds biggest OEMs. Feedback from consumers has been largely positive too, not just on their software platform, but also their “superb customer services”.   


IrisVR are the latest company to embrace virtual reality (VR) software. VR has shown potential in construction for many years but has been largely unattainable. IrisVR has developed a user-friendly platform to help users collaborate and deliver their vision in a revolutionary way. 

Their team was formed by industry experts who have created a culture of innovation and problem solving, with an emphasis on employee development and happiness. Not to mention the opportunity to enjoy some of the very latest AR/VR devices! 

FMC Digital Construction 

FMC Digital Construction is a team of individuals who are delivering the key sales, technical and leadership talent for digital transformation companies around the world.   

We have an excellent track record of introducing the most forward-thinking industry 4.0 professionals with companies like the above, who are looking to drive changes and revolutionise the traditional industrial sectors.   

If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunities we’re currently working on or would like to find out how FMC can support your recruitment needs in 2020, contact me at joe.coleman@fmctalent.com or call me on +44 (0) 1522 812 449.