Blog outlining the key motivators and demotivators for digital construction talent 2018

Match made in heaven or trouble in paradise? Digital Construction employee motivators and demotivators 2018!

James Skelton, Senior Recruiter at FMC Global Talent.
James Skelton, Specialist Marketer – Smart Industry at FMC Global Talent.

Today’s digital construction market is occupied by world leading technical, sales, operations, product and marketing talent. Competition for skills is fierce, with so many internal and external factors influencing career destinations. Not to mention, thanks to the transferability of skills, organisations within wider technology markets are snooping and ready to pinch talent away from Digital Construction.

To keep the sharks from circling, we set about surveying the talent managers and sales leaders across the UK to understand what motivates talent to join their businesses. We also addressed the elephant in the room and gained valuable insight into why candidates leave for competitors or other digital construction companies. Here’s what they had to say…

The motivators


Salaries, bonuses, car allowances, holidays and fringe benefits. That’s what you were expecting the top digital construction motivator, right? Well, with a whopping 42% of votes, the brand was selected as the industry’s biggest motivator.

A strong brand can represent a variety of things including an established product or service offering or well-known corporate social responsibility. It also has close relations to job security and satisfaction, which is a huge factor for anyone when deciding on a career move.

Career progression

13% of respondents chose career progression as the number one factor when attracting talent. With so many start-up organisations and SME’s across the industry, this is sometimes difficult to come by.

Sure, your Autodesk’s and Bentley’s will offer fantastic progression opportunities, but start-ups can struggle to meet this demand.

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Financial benefits

Coming in third, the much-anticipated financial benefits. It’s no surprise to see money enter the equation, and digital construction has plenty of it! From sales to product leadership positions, like any technology sector it’s a lucrative industry!

Naturally, it is important to feel financially incentivised with many companies offering different solutions to achieve this. For example, higher bonus structures, holidays, profit share schemes and much more.

The demotivators

What’s the biggest turnoff for talent in digital construction? Well, you won’t be surprised to hear that our top three results consist of personal influences. Two of which feature in our top motivators. The tide can quickly turn…

1. 42% – Financial benefits
2. 23% – Career progression
3. 14% – Work/life balance

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FMC digital construction report

Earlier this year, we set out to uncover the key salary trends and employee motivations in digital construction for 2018 by surveying leading talent and sales managers across the UK. How does your basic salary compare? Is your OTE below the market average? You can download the report FREE by clicking here.

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