A blog comprising the top five evolving technology trends for the construction industry in 2020

Digital Construction | 5 Evolving Technologies in 2020

Gareth Back, Senior Recruiter at FMC Global Talent
Gareth Back, Senior Recruiter at FMC Global Talent

The emerging technology market can be a hostile environment, particularly when new technology is developed. Adoption is slow, people are resistant to change and it’s often very expensive.

On the flip side, it’s incredibly exciting. The prospect of transforming historic, labour intensive processes into a digitally enabled, user friendly workflow is not only cost and time efficient, but also encourages operational excellence.

Construction has the biggest potential for digital transformation technology, as it’s currently under-digitised. Software companies already deliver so many solutions which have enhanced construction such as BIM, drone technology and more.

Whilst it’s not been easy, the Construction industry is beginning to realise it’s digital potential. I’ve chosen the 5 technologies I feel could steal the headlines in 2020 due to increasing adoption rates, innovation and more!


Whilst robotics can be perceived as being futuristic, inaccessible and expensive, this type of technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate (it’s expected to grow by 175% over the next decade) and is already present on many sites around the world.

We’ve all seen the videos of the robotic dogs & human-like robots and, to some extent, that is the direction we’re heading in. For now, though, we can expect robotics in additive manufacturing and drone technology to intensify the most over the course of 2020.

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

AR & VR continues to make a lot of noise with regards to design, presenting and training, particularly in the HVAC sector.

VR specifically is now able to simulate a variety of different scenarios to experience in a safe environment. This will continue to drastically revolutionise the way training in Construction takes place.

AR on the other hand takes presenting projects and designs to customers to a new level of detail and collaboration which has never been experienced before, enhancing the consumer experience.

Machine Learning

Machine learning has been the key to unlocking masses of previously useless data and extracting its value to inform future decision making. Its unique analytical nature makes machine learning one of the most sought-after solutions across the construction sector and arguably offers the most return on investment.

Machine learning helps to gain access to the gold mine of data many construction companies are sat on to help improve efficiency, reduce costs, downtime and more.


Automation is on course to replace many occupations across many different sectors. In construction specifically, machine control and autonomous vehicles have made the biggest dent on traditional methods due to their ability to save time and improve site safety.

This isn’t new technology, but it’s increasingly become more affordable, more accessible and easier to use.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI continues to be the center of innovation for the Construction industry. It is the catalyst for many of the above technologies to advance. AI allows engineers and designers to explore and analyse every possible scenario quickly, whilst proposing more efficient alternatives.

Each year the Construction industry is promised “the next big thing”, but it’s highly probable that AI will live up to the hype. It’s continuous learning nature means it will only improve, understand and help to solve many of the challenges Construction is facing.

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