What remuneration package can you expect in diagnostics sales?

Medical diagnostics sales salaries – what could you earn?

Billy Williams, Account Manager at FMC Global Talent.
Billy Williams, Account Manager at FMC Global Talent.

An appealing financial package is a big motivator for attracting sales people to diagnostics companies. 13% of the data we analysed during the creation of our UK Diagnostics Sales Salary Report 2018 indicated that remuneration was the most important factor for talent when they’re considering a move in the market.

If you’re a medical diagnostics company you’re probably eager to know the kinds of salary that attracts top talent in the market, right? Look no further… we’ve mapped the market to bring you insight on just that.

A quick overview

  • The average basic salary paid to mid-level sales people in the diagnostics space is £43,000
  • The average bonus figure is £16,143
  • Most mid-level sales salaries in the space fall between £39,000 and £50,000
  • 8% of the data analysed indicate average salaries of over £51,000 – there are some big payers in the market!

You can download the full report for free here.

Average salaries and bonuses across the UK (excl. NI)

You can expect to earn good money in medical diagnostics sales across the UK, and companies in the space can expect to remunerate accordingly.

Capital equipment such as the MRI, Ultrasound and CT scanners commonly found in the space tops the medical devices sales hierarchy in terms of earning potential. People who sell innovative technologies like these are paid well for the privilege!

  • Scotland – £42,000 basic + £15,000 bonus
  • North East – £40,500 basic + £16,000 bonus
  • North West – £42,000 basic + £18,500 bonus
  • Yorkshire & Humberside – £41,000 basic + £15,000 bonus
  • East Midlands – £42,000 basic + £20,000 bonus
  • West Midlands – £42,500 basic + £19,000 bonus
  • East of England – £40,000 basic + £16,500 bonus
  • London – £52,000 basic + £19,000 bonus
  • South East – £50,000 basic + £20,000 bonus
  • South West – £46,500 basic + £18,500 bonus
  • Wales – £39,000 basic + £16,000 bonus

Unsurprisingly, London ranks top overall for remuneration in the diagnostics space, with a combined average package of £71,000 for mid-level sales people.

There are several reasons for the differences seen across the UK. The size of the region and the extent of the travel that sales people are expected to do has an impact on increasing basic salaries – the Southern territories have higher basic salaries because they often demand more travel. This can also be reflected in the bonus for that area.

Other factors include the cost of living. London and the South East are known to be expensive areas to live, so salaries reflect that accordingly.

You can find out more about this by downloading our insight report here.

Interested in more?

If you’re interested in salaries, bonuses and motivators to move for sales people in the medical diagnostics space, we’ve got the report for you! Download our UK Diagnostics Sales Salary Report 2018 for even more insight.