Motivators to move for diagnostics service engineers and sales people

Diagnostics sales vs. Diagnostics servicing – who cares more about cash?

Billy Williams, Account Manager at FMC Global Talent.
Billy Williams, Account Manager at FMC Global Talent.

The diagnostics space is home to innovative, life-changing equipment and companies that are constantly striving to be market leader. In such a competitive market it pays to be ahead of the curve when it comes to attracting the best sales and service staff. The first step to doing this is to know exactly what it is that attracts top talent to companies in the space.

Do the same things attract sales people and service engineers?

We wanted to find out! We’ve analysed data collected across the UK (excluding NI) to provide insight on the biggest motivators to move for sales and service talent in the diagnostics market.

I’m a service engineer, motivate me!

Service engineers in the market place the most value on progression in their job roles. This is a highly personal motivator that unsurprisingly takes the top spot. No one wants to feel stagnant in their roles, particularly when the market itself is so innovative!

The products and equipment service engineers are working on came in second with 16% of the data we analysed suggesting that it was the most important factor considered when looking to move. It’s a given really – when you’re working day in, day out servicing equipment you don’t want it to be boring. The latest, cutting-edge technologies will always appeal to service engineers, and may make them jump ship to a new company if the current tech they are working on becomes out-dated or obsolete.

In third came the brand. Working for a well-established and respected brand is often an aspiration for those in the diagnostics space. This is particularly important given that the market is dominated by four huge names with very strong brands.

You can find out more about what motivates service engineers by downloading our insight report here.

I’m a sales rep, motivate me!

Much like service engineers, progression came in first place for sales people, and for similar reasons. Those who are offered development and progression opportunities are less likely to look at moving roles. Here, the product portfolio was deemed as being equally as important – sales people love to sell the very best product. If the company you work for is at the cutting edge of innovation you’ll probably stay put!

Sales people in the space put the role itself as second, with 17% of the data indicating it as being important. This is quite a broad one, but things that came up time and time again when talking about the role were the size of the territory, working hours, and whether they would be field based.

There’s even more insight on employee motivators for diagnostics sales talent in our salary report! You can download it here.

These look pretty similar…

They do! It’s unsurprising really, given the innovative and genuinely life-changing products in the diagnostics space and the fact that it is dominated by a certain group of key players.

The similarities do stop, however.

Where do they stop? With remuneration.

Sales people in the market ranked remuneration and financial benefits as being equally as important as the brand itself, getting a 13% share of the data. The situation with service engineers is in stark contrast to this. Remuneration was mentioned so few times in the data that it falls under the ‘other’ category.

Sales people are naturally more money-focused than service engineers, but there’s more to it than that. If you’d like to find out more about why service engineers pitch other factors over remuneration, and why so many are willing to take a pay cut when moving roles, have a look at my previous blog here!

Interested in finding out more?

Over the past few months we’ve analysed data collected from the diagnostics space to uncover salary, bonus and motivators to move trends in the diagnostics space for both sales people and service engineers. You can download the free reports, by clicking here for the sales report and here for the service engineers report.