Cyber skills: Why the UK is lagging behind

William Adamthwaite, Senior Recruiter at FMC Global Talent.
William Adamthwaite, 360 Account Manager at FMC Global Talent.

We all know it, but are we doing enough about it?

There is a serious skills shortage when it comes to cyber security, and the gap between supply and demand for expertise is widening at an alarming rate.

Countries such as Ireland and the US, who are pushing the boundaries of technology, are seeing an increase in expertise in cyber security as a result. This has left the likes of Canada, Israel and us in the UK lagging.


Why is the UK lagging behind?

• Historic lack of investment in education and training
• Range of skills needed are becoming broader and broader (programmers, testers, project managers etc)
• Many have outsourced the skills rather than built them in house
• Outdated view of what a career in IT Security looks like
• Cyber-attacks are becoming more diverse, complex and sophisticated
• Many with the skills are now reaching retirement age

What can organisations do to bridge the gap?

With the ever-present threat of cyber-espionage, organisations need to realise the economic ramifications of an attack, as I am sure TalkTalk will agree.

In today’s dynamic information security environment, we are seeing organisations move away from your traditional outsourcing model to build up their own expertise in-house. Along with this, vendors are also doing their bit, providing more training programmes, ensuring that software is being implemented and utilised in the most effective manner.

In addition, we are seeing a greater impetus on work-life balance. Organisations are helping to retain talent by offering flexible working and in-house training to ensure they have a productive happy secure work environment. This change in direction is thankfully closing the gulf between end-user and vendor requirements, along with an increased focus on knowledge sharing and improved talent-sourcing methods.

FMC Cyber Security

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