Cold calling – time to call it a day?

Sam Frazher, Marketing Assistant, FMC Global Talent
Sam Frazher, Marketing Assistant, FMC Global Talent

It’s 2016. Technology regularly makes me feel like we’re entering unknown territory.

Computers can beat world champions at board games. Companies are selling headsets that show us ‘virtual reality.’ There are any number of social networks to choose from, and it’s never been easier to contact someone for the first time.

Yet cold calling, an old-fashioned sales technique that pre-dates the internet carries on regardless. Last week an MP was fined after his team made a whopping 35,000 cold calls to London numbers in two days!

How many times have you had a truly successful cold call?

  • It doesn’t come close to giving the return it should for the amount of effort it takes.
  • It’s annoying. The person you’re calling has work to do as well!
  • It’s extremely hard to build any rapport using a cold call, trust hasn’t been built yet.

I have no doubt that in some markets, the effort that is applied to cold calling sees some return that is worth the time taken. However, recruiters are beginning to understand that cold calling is outdated. It’s much better to warm call… to have a valid reason for calling that person!

You might say that warm calling is just a fancy way of saying the same thing! However, clever recruiters are using every tool at their disposal to help them in calling. Rather than just dialling they prepare by equipping themselves with leads and actionable points.

All of these are used to explain why they are calling – where the recommendation came from, why they have followed up, why it is an interesting proposition, and how quick action can be taken.

While cold calling may always be a part of a sales-led environment, it is much more effective to grow relationships through a developed and trusted network. These are principles we drive through daily at FMC.

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