Digital Manufacturing, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Factory blog regarding which mergers and acquisitions have had the biggest impact on digital transformation

Digital Manufacturing | Which mergers & acquisitions have had the biggest impact?

The current rate of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) within software and technology markets has risen dramatically over the last few years. So much so, it’s completely redefined the landscape of emerging technology and challenged companies to think differently about digital…

Blog describing the top 5 digital transformation organisations in the Digital Manufacturing sector working with software such as simulation, PLM and CAD.

Digital Manufacturing | Top 5 technology companies to work for in 2020

It’s sometimes difficult to cut through the relentless noise being generated by the Digital Manufacturing sector. Everything seems to be a revolution or significant technological advancement. In truth, there is so much scope for innovation, though. Digital Manufacturing is arguably the fastest moving Smart…

A blog outlining the 5 best technology and software companies to work for in the Digital Construction sector in 2020

Digital Construction | Top 5 technology companies to work for in 2020

Why has construction increasingly become one of the most attractive sectors to work in? Building sites aren’t overly appealing, it can be unsafe and resistant to change… The answer? Industry 4.0 is finally getting a grip of improving and digitalizing the sector. Software adoption is on…

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