Why brand & reputation are the most attractive things to medical device sales people!

Whilst money can often be the catalyst for sales people in the decision to move to a new employer… what actually makes an employer attractive?

In the Medical Device market, the results were clear!

We analysed our data from the last 6-12 months, looking at the motivators of each individual in moving to a new position. The brand of the business and the product reputation came top, with 41% of people citing both as the most important factors in their decision to move to the new employer.

We heart brands…

When it comes to brands, we can all be suckers for a big name. In the medical device market it is no different. However, branding in this study covers much more than just the name in the market… 60% of the time the brand of the business was cited as being a good employer. So not only are they well respected in the market, but they’re good employers too! Usually one without the other just doesn’t cut the mustard.

Innovation or lacking creation…

When it comes to medical device sales, really the products are the holy grail. No matter how fantastic the sales person, selling a poor product will be hard slog. In the medical device space, this is so key to their success – the products are being sold to doctors, clinicians and hospitals and they could potentially be used to save lives… they are not going to be happy with just any second rate product. It’s not just that the candidates want to know the products and how good they are though, they want to know what new products are coming out and how the medical organisation is planning to keep up with innovations in the medical device space. Why would they want to try sell a product that the competitor next door has already beaten with a new release?

Money, reputation, innovation… what else?

So for the majority of candidates, money is the catalyst to make a move but brand reputation and the products they’ll be selling give them the final kick in choosing a new employer, but what else is important? The research revealed that outside of these factors, the other popular motivators to move are…

  • Role type – They’re attracted by the type of position on offer, a change in position or an increase or decrease in responsibilities
  • Progression – They’re attracted by the progression and training routes available at the organisation, and a lot of the time unhappy with the current progression rate
  • Market – They’re attracted by remaining or joining the market, out of passion, interest or intrigue for the space.

Are we all different?

Definitely by region or seniority… this research also looked at how motivators to move differ between regions in the UK and the job level of the individuals.

To view the full ‘medical device sales – motivators to move’ white paper click here.

So, what motivates you to move jobs?