Successful recruitment doesn't start with LinkIn or any other job boards. FMC Global Talent recruits skilled emloyees the long way round.

Bored of job boards and already LinkedIn

The internet revolution in the talent market has created lazy recruiters rather than competitive advantage. Have you got what it takes to identify and attract the talent that you need to drive your business forward? If you find yourself fishing in the same pond as everyone else, the answer is almost certainly… no!


Iain McCracken, Managing Director of FMC Global Talent recruitment and headhunting specialists.
Iain McCracken, Managing Director of FMC Global Talent

The introduction of job boards and the meteoric rise of LinkedIn felt for many recruiters like all their Christmases had come at once. A world of talent appeared to open before their eyes, with a reduction in the need to build and nurture robust specialist networks with the world’s talent. The ‘quick-buck’ school of recruitment has become widespread. I guess you can’t knock them for trying. Clients provide them with a brief, often alongside numerous other recruitment agencies. It then is a race to scoop as many job board candidates and LinkedIn profiles as possible. Sometimes this works and the first past the post agency receives a sizeable financial reward which ideally will cover the costs of other failed attempts.


This rather one dimensional model has become widespread, and is becoming the norm for many agencies and clients. In fact clients are becoming so accustomed to it that the trend to bring this in house is on the rise, and rightly so.


But is this competitive advantage?


True talent is rarely self-promoting on job boards. LinkedIn is increasingly perceived as a glorified job board and the most in-demand candidates, tired of the fumbled approaches of inexperienced recruiters, are disengaging from the site. In the age of the internet revolution, these can be tools in a suite of activities but should never be the answer in themselves. The rate of change has led many to get carried away with the possibilities and some have forgotten the values that are required for true success.


The key to successfully accessing and attracting talent remains relationships. Supporting clients in securing leading talent is not sophisticated boolean searches or hit and hope mass marketing. It is in nurturing a network of candidates and taking the time to understand their abilities and aspirations and using this knowledge to support clients in finding the very best.


At FMC Global Talent, technology is embraced to enhance the values that our clients have come to rely on over the last 25 years. Some of the world’s leading brands have embraced an exclusive partnership that enables a more robust approach to securing talent, to maintain true competitive advantage. Ironically, with greater clarity and focus we secure better candidates quicker.


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