The 10 best paying digital construction companies 2018

James Skelton, Senior Recruiter at FMC Global Talent.
James Skelton, Specialist Marketer – Smart Industry at FMC Global Talent.

Pesky sales reps

In the Digital Construction sector, it’s often discouraged to speak about direct competitors. But have you ever wondered what their sales teams are earning? Is the grass really greener on the other side? Well, you might be surprised to learn how your yearly earnings compare to that pesky sales rep who keeps taking your business.

According to the World Economic Forum, the “digital revolution” or “fourth industrial revolution” could be worth $3.7 trillion by 2025. Three. Point. Seven. Trillion. That’s impressive. But you’re more interested in who’s paying the most, right? Whether you’re selling 3D design, project management or cost estimation software, we’ve got you covered!

Ones to note

FMC are in regular contact with leading Digital Construction sales talent, and after gathering their insights into remuneration, we’ve shortlisted a few organisations to keep your eye on in 2018.

With a monopoly dating back decades, it’s no surprise to see Autodesk top our list of best paid employers. They continue to dominate in the Digital Construction space by capitalising on R&D and consequently industry-leading products and support. They might not have control over the project management and cost estimation space but let’s face it, we all live in a world dominated by Autodesk.

Next up, Oracle’s latest technology addition, Aconex. Having made significant headway in the project management sector, they’ve been rewarding their sales team rather handsomely. Competition is hot in project management however, with Viewpoint and Newforma also making our top 10. If you know project management software like the back of your hand then you’re in demand. This appears to be one of the hottest software areas around in Digital Construction!

Third placed Trimble have come a long way in the construction sector. From Tekla’s elite design software for steel and concrete professionals to Trimble’s unique portfolio of MEP solutions, they rank amongst Digital Construction royalty and aren’t afraid to shell out to their sales teams. Unfortunately for them, Bentley Systems and AllPlan are on the scene to keep things nice and competitive, offering profit share schemes and extravagant holidays for high achievers.

The best of the rest

Thanks to 10 years of connecting with the leading Digital Construction sales talent, we’re well educated when it comes to remuneration. Thanks to their insight, we’ve comprised a list of 10 organisations earmarked as the best payers in the market.

• Aconex
• Allplan
• Asite
• Autodesk
• Bentley Systems
• Bluebeam
• Graphisoft
• Newforma
• Trimble
• Viewpoint

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Are you an employer in the Digital Construction space? Disappointed your company didn’t make the top 10? Maybe you’re interested in learning exactly how the Digital Construction sector is remunerating it’s sales teams. Don’t fret, we’ve conducted some primary research into pay, bonuses and motivations for joining and leaving your business and it’s not all about the money.

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