Top motivators to move for medical device sales people

Want the best sales people for your medical device company? Here’s how to attract them!

Ryan Luckman, Director and Meditech Team Leader at FMC Global Talent
Ryan Luckman, Director and Meditech Team Leader at FMC Global Talent

If you’re hiring for a medical device company, you want the best sales talent taking your products to market. Retaining and attracting talent can be tricky, and it pays to know the top factors that are motivating talent to move roles in your market. No one wants to lose out on talent, particularly to a competitor!

The things that attract sales people vary from level to level, what a Territory Manager is most interested might not turn the head of a National Sales Manager.

We decided to delve a little deeper and investigate the motivators to move for different levels of sales people…

Territory Managers

Career progression was the most popular motivator for Territory Managers, with 28% saying it was the number one factor they’d consider. Those who are offered professional development opportunities are likely to feel more valued and are less likely to look elsewhere for progression.

Coming in at second and third were the product portfolio and the brand respectively. These often go hand in hand with one another, companies with strong, market-leading product portfolios tend to stand out as strong brands in the market too.

Regional Sales Managers

It’s a similar story here. Progression comes out on top again, but with a far larger majority of 38%. With many RSMs looking to progress into national sales roles, there’s no real wonder they value progression opportunities.

Brand sneaks its way in front of the product portfolio at this level. Interestingly, the size of the company makes it onto the list of top factors for RSMs, indicating that many of them are keen to join a large, well-known brand at this point in their careers.

National Sales Managers

At senior level the motivators to move start to look a little different, with most National Sales Managers seeking a new challenge for their next role, whether that’s a different product portfolio, selling into different channels or simply just taking a slightly different step.

Brand is still hugely important, with 28% of NSMs considering it to be one of the most important motivators. They will often look to join a market-leading brand to continue their careers.

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Keep your top talent!

These factors are important not only for attracting candidates, but also for retaining your top talent. Many of the reasons that cause talent to leave organisations come down to not feeling valued by the company. Ensuring that your workforce feel valued in your organisation should be a major part of any retention strategy.

Offering your sales people progression and development opportunities may keep them from looking elsewhere. You also can’t underestimate the power of the salary. From our research remuneration is important to sales people regardless of seniority so ensuring that salaries are kept in line with (or above!) market average is key.

Interested in finding out more?

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