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Orthopaedic opinions - top companies to watch in 2024

By Sarah Cavanagh

Last year was a fantastic year for medical technology with many innovations that are hugely improving patient outcomes, and this trend looks set to continue into 2024!

Orthopaedics is a constantly evolving field and there have been exciting advancements into AI and robotics within the industry. But who are the up-and-coming companies that are looking to make waves this year? 


OSSIO have a very clear goal, to replace metal implants currently being used within orthopaedics with a more “biologically friendly way to restore mobility.” They have produced their own form of implant called OSSIOfiber, which is the latest advancement in intelligent bone regeneration technology. The aim is for OSSIOfiber to become common place in the industry as it can eliminate the chance of implant malfunction, which in turn results in fewer surgical procedures for patients.

The focus from OSSIO is to better patient outcomes in the long-term, so they will be looking to employ staff that follow this same goal and are able to sell this vision to potential customers.

EpiBone, Inc.

Some really exciting developments have been coming out of EpiBone who are providing revolutionary bone reconstruction, allowing patients to essentially grow their own bone! By taking a scan of a patient’s bone defect and stem cells, they can construct and cultivate a defect-specific autologous-like bone graft (for our non-ortho specialists, that’s using the patients’ bones to help make their replacement). EpiBone are also a company driven by the goal of improving patient outcomes and experience, hoping that utilising tissue engineering and regeneration without the introduction of foreign objects into the body does just that. 

As an employer EpiBone also have strong reviews, with employees boasting about a work environment where everyone’s voice is heard. A great choice for those candidates who really want to make a difference.

Pixee Medical

With their latest innovation utilising augmented reality, Pixee Medical are seen as a very forward-thinking company. Pixee Medical’s innovation allows for surgeons to map out anatomical landmarks, helping to make prosthetic surgery more simplified. Simply stick on a pair of smart glasses and surgeons can bring up a 3D model reconstruction of the patient’s bone structure which helps greatly in planning the positioning of the prosthetic.

Combining the advancements from various realms of technology within the surgical space is what makes Pixee Medical particularly exciting! Employees tend to agree with this, with many stating the projects are interesting and they provide good support to employees. With product portfolio being one of the main motivators to move for medical sales/clinical professionals, there's little wonder Pixee's tech is getting candidates talking. 

OrthAlign, Inc.

‘Driven by the belief that everyone deserves exceptional healthcare’ is the mission OrthAlign follow, and they have new technology that aims to help deliver on this mission. ‘Lantern Knee’ is a handheld navigation technology that uses inertial sensors to provide data on how joints will flex once it’s fully restored. Surgeons can use this data to re-create a stable joint that’s bespoke to each patient.

From a candidate’s perspective, OrthAlign are an exciting company to get involved with as they’re a young team who are always looking for ways to improve their services. With excellent health coverage plans for employees, OrthAlign is sure to be a popular choice for candidates in the US.

OrthoGrid Systems, Inc.

Last but by no means least is OrthoGrid Systems who are providing the latest in data driven and AI powered solutions for orthopaedic surgery. Currently putting their focus into total hip arthroplasty, hip preservation and trauma procedures, OrthoGrid Systems are able to deliver accurate data in real time to surgeons in live theatre to help inform their decisions. With the chosen interface already existing within a majority of hospitals, the hope is that integration into the surgical environment is simple.

With technology and innovation at the forefront of everything OrthoGrid Systems are looking to do, we expect this company to be popular amongst candidates in the years to come, particularly those who want to work with up-and-coming tech.

Final Thoughts…

So that’s my list of the top companies that we all should keep an eye on in 2024. They are all up and coming, revolutionary brands that are utilising innovative technology and methodologies to better patient solutions and recovery. I’m particularly interested in the development of navigation and AI tools, and the applications these technologies can have in an orthopaedic clinical environment so I’m always on the lookout for the latest innovations in this space.

What do you think 2024 has in store for the orthopaedic industry? Which companies are you most excited to learn more about?

Feel free to email me on and we can discuss this and about recruitment trends within the industry.