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Opportunities are out there! The 3 questions you should ask to find the right one for you

By Mo Chanduang

Evolution is an (exciting) part of life in the digital transformation space, but this does mean that from time to time it’s not uncommon for the economy to slow down and for this evolution to feel more negative than positive. When this happens, there’s no real wonder that people in the market might start  to feel a bit less secure, and more uncertain about their jobs, opportunities, and their future.

But that doesn’t mean that there’s not opportunity out there. And it definitely doesn’t mean that you should hold off on taking that next step in your career if you were already thinking about it.

So why should you keep yourself open to opportunities?

They’re out there! New opportunities are constantly emerging in the digital transformation space, even if the press is telling you otherwise. With pioneering tech on the rise, like AI, blockchain and IoT, new jobs are always being created in industries that are both innovative and exciting. Whether you’re in engineering, sales, or anything in between, there’s plenty out there to explore if you want to.

It pays (literally) to consider new opportunities. From increasing your earning potential to unlocking career progression, to finding a company culture that aligns with your values, all the usual reasons to look for a new role still remain even in a period that’s a bit more uncertain than usual.

Embracing change is good for personal growth. We understand, making a move in a period of uncertainty can feel like a difficult thing. But it can also be a positive experience! Keeping on top of developments in the market and grabbing opportunities with both hands can help you grow both personally and professionally. It can also help you boost your ability to adapt to challenges, a soft skill that’s in high demand in the rapidly evolving digital transformation space.

How do you know if a move is right for you?

It’s always important to make sure that the career move you’re making is going to be the right one for you, but never more so during periods like these where you might already be feeling more hesitant than usual. Our best advice? Really dig into every opportunity you’re looking at. There are a few things you can do to make sure you know your decision is the right one… and these all revolve around questions, questions, questions!

Asking diligent questions to hiring managers or interviewers can give you a great insight into the company and the opportunity on offer. It’ll give you a feel for whether your values align, whether they can offer you what you want, and how you could make yourself a success in the role.

Here’s some questions we think you should be asking:

  1. How did your top performing employees perform? This will give you an idea of what success looks like and how you can expect to perform.
  2. What does success look like? This will help you to assess whether your idea of success and the company’s idea of success align, as well as setting you up well in the role.
  3. What motivated you to join this company? This will help understand how others perceive the business and the opportunity it presents.

Ultimately you want to set yourself up for success by asking smart questions.

We know that it can feel challenging to make a move when the economy is slowing in the industries you’re working in, but it’s still important to remember that there are opportunities in the software industry out there if you’re open to exploring them!