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How growth in the digital manufacturing market is impacting recruitment

Following a period of instability, many markets – such as digital manufacturing – are busier than ever. How is this impacting recruitment?

Following a period of instability caused by the pandemic, many markets – such as digital manufacturing – are busier than ever. From the increased demand for software which makes remote working possible to the rise in Industry 4.0, many companies in the space are finding themselves in a stronger position than they were pre-pandemic.

Due to this, the same companies are now recruiting heavily across a host of positions and the talent pool is becoming rich with new skills.

How exactly has the pandemic changed the digital manufacturing market? 

Sales, sales, sales

With the huge increase of people working remotely came an increase in the number of clients both using and developing the correct software to make remote working possible. This saw a huge rise in sales within the digital manufacturing market, and they remain high as companies in the market continue to develop solutions that meet the needs of the increasingly digitalised post-COVID world. 

Industry 4.0 is at the heart of this 

With the digitisation of the manufacturing market constantly progressing, Industry 4.0 is now more important than ever. Right now, it has become evident that there are a group of disruptive technologies taking the industry by force – such as IoT, Digital Twin, Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine learning and 3D Printing. 

Consequently, manufacturers are seeing Industry 4.0 as a vital element in their strategy and operations and companies operating in this area are seeing real success. 

As a result, many digital manufacturing companies are now in growth periods and are recruiting on large scales to continue their development.

So, what jobs are most in-demand by companies that have experienced growth? 

It's all about sales

As the market has seen an increase in sales, companies are now looking to hire an increased number of experienced salespeople who can continue to help them thrive and grow their market shares. Candidates for these roles are in good stead if they are digitally-savvy, as well as being able to operate in a value-based way, in comparison to relationship-based. This technique allows the customer to feel like their problems have been fully understood and addressed, alongside helping companies to build a client base by delivering more than a quick fix solution. 

Now that the world is more at one with technology than ever before, employers in the digital manufacturing market are keen to utilise this, meaning candidates with experience in cloud based and IoT sales are also highly in demand. 

Consultants and post-sales talents are increasingly important

With the rise of sales also comes a rise in the need for consultants and post-sales support, helping clients with the implementation and use of their new software. As the ability to physically visit clients has lessened, and clients are now able to be based further afield, confidence to remotely deliver training to customers on new features and platforms is well-favoured in the market. 

Product development roles are also in demand 

Employers are keen to find the fastest solution to meet the needs of the post-COVID world, leading to an increased demand for skilled product developers to get much-needed products to market. 

There are also areas of risk associated with Industry 4.0, such as mechanical and technical errors alongside a threat of cyber-attacks targeting IoT and other smart systems. With these risks increasing, software developers with the skills to combat them are now in high demand. 

What are my predictions for the future of digital manufacturing? 

In my opinion, the role of Industry 4.0 is now critical to digital manufacturing organisations and is creating a real recruitment drive in the market. One of the few silver linings of the pandemic is that it has begun to bring about the dawn of a new digital reality which is now being reflected in both products and the sales processes associated with them. Companies in the space need to make sure that they have solid recruitment plans in place to get the talent they need to support the sales of their product lines and to help them achieve their growth goals.

What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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