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Embracing the September Shift: Why this time of year is ideal for exploring new roles

By Jake Garcia

With things such as new tech launches and annual review periods, September comes as one of the best times to look for a new role.

September brings a fresh start for many of us with people returning from a summer of annual leave and parental commitments. Settling back into work and approaching the final quarter of the year (which always feels like it comes round ridiculously quicky!), often makes for a busy period for many organisations. But September isn’t just about hanging up the swimming trunks and waving children back off to school – the month also brings a wave of new opportunities.

Whilst many people welcome this reset and see it as time to dive back into work feet first, it’s also not a bad time of year to consider a transition within the tech industry. I often hear candidates thinking it’s better to wait until the new year before looking for pastures new, but September holds significant promise due to things such as new industry trends and an uptick in networking opportunities…

I’ve put together a few reasons why I think September is the perfect time to set your sights on a new role in the technology sector:

Industry momentum

September is the last month before the final quarter of the year, which is when many tech companies finalise their strategic plans and budget allocations for the upcoming year. This proactive approach leads to an increased demand for new talent to support the ambitious projects and initiatives in the pipeline.

Annual trends and launches

Tech companies often align their major product releases, updates, and launches with the final months of the year. This flurry of activity naturally requires an expansion of the workforce to ensure successful execution and support. By joining a company during this period, candidates position themselves to contribute to the rollouts of cutting-edge technologies – perfect for those candidates looking to get stuck into new projects from the get-go.

Year-end reflection

With the end of the year on the horizon, professionals across industries embark on a process of reflection and assessment, and this introspection frequently sparks the desire for new challenges and growth opportunities. On average, those working in the tech space change roles every 2.8 years, making for a constant stream of new opportunities for others. As you contemplate your own career path, remember that you’re not alone in seeking a fresh start!

Networking opportunities

September brings the return of regular networking events, both virtually and in-person, after a pause over the summer months. The resumption of regular schedules often leads to an increase in industry gatherings, conferences, and meetups. These platforms provide an excellent opportunity to connect with peers, potential employers, and mentors who can offer insights into the job market.

Bonus season and compensation reviews

Many companies conduct performance reviews and finalise compensation packages for their employees during September. If you’re seeking a role with better compensation or benefits, this timing provides an advantageous backdrop for negotiations and discussions with prospective employers.

Strategic timing

Commencing a new role in September aligns effectively with fiscal cycles and annual targets. This strategic timing facilitates a smooth integration into the company’s operations, granting you a full year to contribute to its success.

Sounds good? September’s arrival signifies more than just a change in seasons—it symbolises a change in the tide of opportunities within the technology industry. Whether you’re seeking to broaden your skill set, explore different facets of technology, or take on a leadership role, this month holds promise. Embrace the momentum, polish your CV, and embark on a new journey in the dynamic realm of tech!

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