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Q&A: What did we think of UKIO 2023?

I caught up with Ryan and Adam to hear their thoughts on UKIO 2023!

As one of the biggest dates in the Imaging and Oncology calendar, UKIO is something our team look forward to attending each year, with 2023 being no different!

Director Ryan Luckman and Account Manager Adam Leeder headed to Liverpool last week, and I’ve caught up with them to see what they made of this year’s event, as well as picking their brains on some of the latest developments going on in the space.

Here’s what they had to say…

Overall, how did you find UKIO this year?

Adam: A very engaging event, with lots of new technology on show. The pre-event thoughts that I shared were very much reflective of the continuing emergence of AI and other workflow solutions to enable healthcare providers to enhance their offerings in terms of speed and accuracy, improving all-round patient care.

Did you notice any market trends?

Adam: The emergence of AI is becoming more prevalent, companies like Annalise.Ai and Qure.Ai are just a couple of businesses pioneering the introduction of computer-led diagnosis across the imaging world.

Ryan: AI integration to the radiology workflow remains relatively undefined and there has been significant growth in cloud-based and automation solutions to support workflow efficiencies. All have huge time-saving potential, but it appears that implementation and interoperability remain challenging. Sustainability in imaging is starting to feature, securing the future of the industry by harmonizing with the planet.

Adam: There is also an emergence of companies that are offering a “managed service” type of business, offering a “one-stop-shop” type of service, encompassing all aspects of the market, from technology to consumables and improvement planning.

And what about any recruitment trends?

Ryan: The market is becoming increasingly digital and the talent requirements are changing accordingly. Whilst undoubtedly there’s still a dearth of radiologists globally, this is now being compounded by the complexities associated with accessing talent from software and digital segments. 

Adam: The Ultrasound market is really starting to see the effects of a lack of Sonographers on the market, meaning there is a race for Applications Specialists UK-wide.

Ryan: Salary insights were also an interesting topic, with the increase in NHS pay now having a knock-on effect on those looking to take clinical individuals into a commercially focussed role.

What do you think the future looks like in the space?

Adam: The introduction of AI diagnosis into the space is both scary and exciting in equal measures. If the AI diagnosis can be relied upon, it’s going to reduce the number of jobs available exponentially. On the other hand, the speed and accuracy of diagnosis can only bring good change to the healthcare system, reducing waiting lists and therefore time to diagnosis.  

Ryan: I still firmly believe the hype around the capabilities of AI, automation, and the cloud to supercharge radiology departments globally. I hope this will make the role of a radiologist more viable (long-term), whilst also delivering faster and better patient outcomes. A win-win situation could be on the horizon.

And finally, what did you enjoy most about the event?

Ryan: The depth, relevance, and accessibility of the education and CPD sessions. The dedicated networking zones were also incredibly helpful to take discussions deeper, away from the stands.

Adam: Catching up with clients such as MIS Healthcare, Probo Medical and Fujifilm, and more specifically seeing some of our placed candidates working at the very top end of their industry was a proud experience. It’s obviously a great experience to learn all about the offerings in the market, improving my own knowledge of the devices and their associated software.

How did you find the show? We'd be interested to hear your feedback!

If you’re in the diagnostics or medical imaging spaces and are looking to grow your team this year, or want to discuss trends in the market, you can get in touch with Ryan on or Adam on