A fast track into recruitment - one year on at FMC

A fast track into recruitment – how time flies!

Joe Nock - Industrial Automation Recruiter
Joe Nock, Recruiter at FMC Global Talent

12 months ago, terms like Conveyor Solutions or Turnkey Packaging had never even been muttered in my direction. Despite these technologies playing a vital and progressive part of the industrial automation industry every day, they’re not covered on the school curriculum. Because, well, why would they?

How proud I am though that one year on, having left sixth form, I can count myself as a specialist recruiter in industrial automation. Not only using terms like these but using them every day, whilst speaking to and recruiting industry experts.

From a U to a unique culture (and a B in between)

In August 2016, I received a slip of paper stating that I had failed half of my AS level qualifications achieving a U in the subject that I loved the most. Gutted. Before this point I hadn’t felt quite so much pressure! So, what did I do? I studied for 4 hours a day for 10 days straight to turn that U grade into a B grade and on the 18th of September 2017, I completed my first day of full-time employment at FMC Global Talent.

I could have gone to university or undertaken an apprenticeship with a large firm, but I chose FMC. I could visualise what I could achieve in my immediate future at FMC and I knew what I had to do to reach this. Plus, the culture at FMC appealed to me much more than any other national, large firm could ever do.

Finding my rhythm

In the first few weeks as a fast track recruiter I felt like I had so much to learn, with my manager/mentor leading the way. The idea that one day I could be as good as these people inspired me to get through those early days. Listening and trying to absorb as much information as one can (I became a sponge) made me feel accomplished and satisfied at the end of day, and the skills that I was learning become fundamental to success.

I learnt how to manage people and expectations – learning to ask and listen – and how to be my best in the role. I spoke to and learned from industry experts and I got university-level skills and experiences without the masses of debt and time spent. I was amazed how quickly my professional advice was sought when it came to finding jobs in industrial automation.

Time flies… when you’re placing awesome candidates

Before I knew it 6 months had flown by. I had passed probation and placed a few candidates into established and exciting companies – I was starting to make small ripples in the Industrial Automation sector. I was able to demonstrate I understood terms like ‘lithographic’ and ‘turnkey’.

I also had my first meeting with the Managing Director, Iain, and began to realise that the most senior person in the entire company shouldn’t just be a face or a name, but someone who you can talk to and connect with. This, to me, was invaluable.

Shortly after, our team of 3 ventured to our company’s headquarters in Lincoln. We met up with more senior specialists operating across a multitude of markets and I was able to witness what industry experts looked and sounded like. I was speaking to people who had been with the company for decades like they were friends and not just mentors.

Reaping the rewards

The next few months showed me how much I had developed. I was learning what made people tick and what differentiates one man/woman from another – the personality traits that are so valuable in today’s market, and the skills and experience that warrant a £30,000 bonus come January 1st. I was also starting to realise how much closer I had come to reaching my own goals

Now, here we are today, I have successfully been with FMC for 12 months, I am close to my second promotion, I have just returned from a company trip to Barcelona and I have enjoyed the entire process. I really want to demonstrate to teenagers/young adults that options other than university and apprenticeships really do exist.

As I embark on my 2nd year, I am working towards managing a team of my own. I want to learn and play a part in the ever-changing dynamic world of industrial automation and specialist recruitment.

Here’s to the next 12 months!

Interested in joining me?

If you’re interested in following me into a career in recruitment at FMC, contact work@fmctalent.com with your CV.