7 construction software companies hiring USA sales talent in 2021

7 construction software companies hiring USA sales talent in 2021

Gareth Back, Senior Recruiter at FMC Global Talent
Gareth Back, 360 Account Manager at FMC Global Talent

So, 2020 hasn’t quite worked out as we planned, but that hasn’t stopped the construction software sector from hiring hundreds of talented sales professionals in the USA.

Whether it’s their fast-growing software, unique company benefits, expert leadership team or ambitious growth plans, these businesses have it all.

If you’re looking for a new tech sales job in 2021, then look no further than these 7 Digital Construction companies!


When I came across Manufacton, I knew they weren’t your average Digital Construction company. Whilst the business is young, they’ve managed to attract professionals who have spent hard time at the likes of Autodesk, Newforma, PTC and even Procore… so I instantly took note!

Having spoken with sales professionals in the market, Manufacton are creating a lot of noise. Their specialist solution is a real value-add for clients and is already favored by some big construction organisations. If they continue to grow as they have done in recent years, 2021 could mean dipping into the sales talent market…


Why has Fieldwire made our list? Well, their jobsite management software has grown “like crazy”. The business has made numerous hires throughout 2020 despite difficult circumstances and has managed to attract sales talent from huge names in the market.

They have built a company of smart people, with a humble leadership team who rely on the expertise of the former construction experts they’ve hired… That may sound obvious, but it’s an important factor for leading Digital Construction sales talent.

Their product is uniquely field-focused and they’re committed to invest and continue to differentiate themselves from their competitor’s solutions.


If you do anything today, make sure to check out IngeniousIO’s website. They’re modern, attractive, intriguing, and above all, innovative. Clearly they have their marketing nailed, but they also have a world class software development team to thank for a producing challenging product.

They’re also ahead of the curve and allow employees to work remotely and flexibly which I foresee being the biggest change for businesses in 2021. A team of over 30 individuals today, could we see that number rise significantly next year? Most likely.

Built Robotics

“Built Robotics’ mission is to build the robots that build the world.” How cool does that sound? Who wouldn’t want to work for a company who builds robots? Their autonomous earthmoving equipment is the future and ensures the safety of people onsite whilst improving project efficiency.

I predict that they will look to strengthen in 2021 by onboarding some industry professionals from the AECO software and technology sectors. They certainly have the investment, the product and the leadership but can they conquer the talent market next?


One of the biggest challenges Digital Construction faces is implementing digital transformation technology. Without being hands on, Buildup’s solution just looks easy to use, smooth to implement, convenient and a true value-add for professionals.

Buildup displays immense potential, and their people have nothing but encouraging things to say. The leadership team listen to their teams and have created a positive working environment and friendly culture for people to thrive. They also offer competitive salaries (which is always nice to see).


Work hard, play hard. eSUB are the experts in creating a genuinely rewarding environment for their employees. I’ve heard rumours of a Google like office in the USA and a team which spends a lot of time bonding outside of the office. This only creates one thing… unity.

The team at eSUB are well established and the business is thriving with over 70+ employees. People care for one another and want each other to succeed. This might be why eSUB has grown exponentially in recent years. They’ve come a long way, but I have a feeling they’ll go even further in 2021.  


And lastly, Rhumbix. Almost 50 employees. A solution which encourages a paperless way of working. A growing customer base. Rhumbix appear to have the perfect recipe for success. And when I delved deeper into the company it became clear why they deserved a spot on my list.

The leadership team believe in their people and ensure they have the tools to be successful. The sales team share leads and information to enable each other’s success. You are challenged daily and encouraged to learn and develop. That’ why their sales team is already bursting with rock stars. More to come in 2021?

FMC Digital Construction

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