2020: Who are the top medical imaging companies to work for?

Billy Williams, Account Manager at FMC Global Talent.
Billy Williams, Account Manager at FMC Global Talent.

The diagnostics and medical imaging space is set to be worth nearly $34 billion by 2024 and is full to the brim with innovation.

Diagnostics companies are constantly at the forefront of technological development with both large players and smaller more niche providers investing heavily in the development of new, advanced equipment. There’s little wonder the sector is so attractive to candidates, is there?

I thought I’d take a look at not only some of the biggest names in the market but also what 2020 is likely to have in store for them.

Siemens Healthineers

Siemens are one of the largest companies in the medical imaging space, so there’s little wonder they’re an in-demand company to work for.

And they don’t rest on their laurels. Siemens aim to top the medical imaging market by investing in their technologies. In October 2019 they acquired Corindus Vascular Robotics for $1.1bn and they are also investing heavily in artificial intelligence. That’s two of the biggest areas of technological development in the Meditech space ticked off.

Canon Medical Systems

Canon reign supreme in the CT space and are showing no signs of slowing down. They are investing heavily in the service side of the business to ensure their customer satisfaction rates above their competitors.

We never hear a bad word about Canon from candidates, and they are a hugely popular choice with both sales, service and clinical individuals. They’re a strong brand and are well known in the market for having great social responsibility. With brand being one of the key motivators to move in the Meditech world there’s little wonder Canon are an attractive choice.

Fujifilm Medical Systems

The Fujifilm name has been synonymous with X-Ray technology since they developed the first digital X-Ray system in the early 80’s.  Fast forward to today and they are now also industry leading in mammography with their Amulet products having a reputation for being the most comfortable on the market. This proves to be a real selling point for sales candidates who are keen to take such a leading product portfolio to market.

Their recent acquisition of Hitachi Medical Systems expands their offerings into the MRI and Ultrasound markets, completing the medical imaging suite and dramatically increasing Fujifilm’s market share. Will the addition of these extra modalities be the thing that makes the big four the big five?


Unlike some of the other companies in this list, Hologic have a more niche focus and are a global leader in women’s health. They are an incredibly popular choice for candidates for this very reason, with many mammographers working in a clinical setting choosing to make their move to a commercial role within a more niche provider.

Philips Healthcare

Another company making up the ‘big four’ in the medical imaging space, Philips are one of the most popular choices for candidates when searching for a new role. Naturally their product portfolio is a huge draw, but this is also due to their reputation for providing great employee benefits and progression opportunities.

Philips are also a company at the forefront of innovation. One in two Philips researchers worldwide are looking into Artificial Intelligence and its applications and in December 2019 they released their Intellispace AI system.

MIS Healthcare

Whilst not a medical imaging OEM, MIS shouldn’t be overlooked. They are the exclusive supplier of Samsung imaging equipment in the UK and so the opportunity to work with these technologies is often a pull for candidates.

Agfa Healthcare

2020 may well be a big year for Agfa. They have started talks with Dedalus to sell their EHR line which is anticipated to move ahead in the second quarter of 2020. This deal could really change the face of the UK Healthcare market considering the impact Agfa already have in this sector.

They are also well known for providing a great benefits package beyond just salary which makes them a popular choice.


Xograph is the largest independent medical imaging equipment supplier in the UK currently servicing NHS hospitals.

They are certainly a company to watch out for 2020. Recently acquired by Healthcare 21 (who already own Aquilant) this deal means that the newly combined business will become one of the largest players in the Diagnostics space in the UK and Ireland.

FMC Meditech

FMC Meditech place sales, service, QARA, marketing, and clinical individual into medical device businesses across the world. We have specialist teams working in the diagnostics, surgical, eye care and therapeutics markets.

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